Japanese Festivals

Japanese Festivals
10L1331 Yonemoto Satoshi
Danjiri Masturi
Danjiri are large
wooden carts in the
shape of a shrine or
 The days of the
festival vary from year
to year, it is usually
held in autumn.
Kanda Matsuri
Kanda Matsuri is one
of the three great
Shinto festivals of
Toyko, along with the
Sanja Matsuri and
Sanno Matsuri.
 The festival is held on
the Saturday and
Sunday closest to May
15, it is only held on
odd numbered years.
Awa Dance Festival
The Awa Dance
Festival is held from
12 to 15 August as
part of the Obon
festival in Tokushima.
 Awa Odor is the
largest dance festival
in Japan, attracting
over 1.3 million
tourists every year.
Gion Matsuri
The Gion Matsuri
takes place annually
in Kyoto and is one of
the most famous
festivals in Japan.
 It spans the entire
month of July and is
crowned by a parade,
the Yamaboko Junkō
on July 17.