The Scientific Method

The Scientific Method
Target #1: I can list the steps of the scientific method
Target #2: I can describe observation
• All scientific inquiry begins with
– Observation:
Leads to
Can be recorded as
Target #3: I can explain the role hypotheses play in scientific inquiry
• Scientists use data to form a
– Hypothesis:
• Must be
Hypotheses play an important role in scientific inquiry by:
Target #4- I can write a hypothesis from a given question/problem
• Easy way to formulate hypothesis is to use
– Question/problem: I’m short on cooking time. Will my water boil faster if I start with warm
water or with cold?
– Hypothesis:
Target #5- I can explain the purpose of experimentation
• Testing a hypothesis involves either
Experimentation requires a
– Ensures that testing is
– Should always include a control group
• Control groupīƒ 
– Modeling is an effective tool to
• Modeling represents a
and results will be
Target #6: I can differentiate between a dependent and an independent variable
• In experiments, scientists study factors called
to find cause-and-effect relationships
– Independent Variable:
• Effects are measured by the
– Dependent Variable:
Affected by the
Target #7- I can explain the role of data in an experiment
• The role of data is to:
– Should be
– Should not be based on
– Can be displayed in
Having many trials means:
Target #8: I can explain the difference between a scientific theory and the word theory used in conversation
• Scientific Theory:
– Different from the word theory used in
• Theory in conversational language usually means
– Can change based on