Parts of a Lab Report

Parts of a Lab Report
All 7th grade lab reports must
include the following…
1. Title
 This should tell you something about the
2. Purpose
 What is the reason for doing the lab?
 Sometimes known as the problem you are
trying to solve.
3. Hypothesis
 Make a prediction of your results.
 Write what you think will happen
 You will not be graded on whether or not your
hypothesis is correct, only that it makes sense
and is reasonable.
4. Procedure
 List ALL steps needed to do the lab.
 This needs to be detailed enough that
someone could repeat your lab from the
information given here.
5. Observations/Data
 All of your observations/data goes here.
 Data can include charts, tables, graphs,
6. Conclusion
 The results of your lab
 What happened?
 You should restate your hypothesis.
 Did you predict correctly? Why or why
Lab Report Rubric