Science Newsletter 8-8-15

Science Newsletter: 8/8/15
Dear Families,
Welcome to an exciting new year of learning about our natural world! We have had a
wonderful first week. We have begun our life science studies by starting to investigate the
following topics/objectives:
What Is Science?
 Identify skills scientists use to learn about the world.
Scientific Inquiry
 Explain what scientific inquiry involves.
 Describe how to develop a hypothesis and design an experiment.
 Describe the attitudes, or habits of mind, that are important in science.riod2 block
Safety in the Science Laboratory
 Explain why preparation is important when carrying out scientific investigations in the
lab and in the field.
 Describe what you should do if an accident occurs.
Measurement in Science Laboratory
 Learn the importance of taking accurate measurements using the metric system.
Next Assessment Dates:
Formative: (40%) Vocabulary Quiz on the Scientific Method*
Date: Thursday, 8/13/15
*Students have handouts and will be given a study guide for this assessment.
Scientific Vocabulary to know: variable, control, constants, dependent variable, independent
variable, trials, (Steps of the Scientific Method: purpose, research/observations, hypothesis,
experiment, conclusion, communicate results)
Each vocabulary quiz will also contain 2 content questions discussed in class during warm-ups.
My website is currently under construction and will contain weekly updates and a variety of
resources to support your child’s learning. Please visit the website at:
Thank you for your support.
V. Russell
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