Georgia Studies Midterm study sheet oneanswers

Georgia Studies Midterm study sheet # one: Geography/Transportation/Economy
1. In which geographic region would a rich red soil MOST LIKELY be found?
a. Blue Ridge Mountains
b. Coastal Plain
c. Piedmont
d. Appalachian Plateau
2. Which of the following forms Georgia’s western border?
a. North Carolina and Tennessee
b. South Carolina and the Atlantic Ocean
c. Alabama and Florida
d. Florida and Tennessee
3. All of the following statements describe Georgia’s climate EXCEPT
a. The Coastal Plain is humid.
b. Summers in the Appalachians are cooler than in the Piedmont region.
c. The Piedmont region gets the most precipitation.
d. Winters are mild when compared to the rest of the country.
4. Which of the following states borders Georgia?
a. Mississippi
b. Virginia
c. Louisiana
d. Florida
5. One reason people might want to live in Georgia is that
a. The climate is the same throughout the state.
b. The winters are mild.
c. There is little rain in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
d. The summers are cold.
6. Which of the following regions is a poor farming area?
a. Appalachian Valley and Ridge
b. Blue Ridge Mountains
c. Appalachian Plateau
d. Coastal Plain
7. Which of the following geographic regions has the most people?
a. Piedmont
b. Blue Ridge Mountains
c. Coastal Plain
d. Ridge and Valley
8. Which of the following is true of the Coastal Plain?
a. Its main source of power comes from hydroelectric dams.
b. It is known for the carpet manufacturing.
c. It has major cities.
d. It has rich soil for growing peanuts.
9. Which of the following physical features made it difficult to travel by river?
a. The Okefenokee Swamp
b. The fall line
c. The Appalachian Mountains
d. The barrier islands
10. The economic climate in Georgia has made it a favorite of start-up businesses willing to risk
an investment in search of profits. What term describes this type of individual?
a. Banker
b. Inventor
c. Investor
d. Entrepreneur
11. Which statement BEST explains the reason the expansion of Hartsfield-Jackson
International Airport provides a continued boost to the state’s economy?
a. The airport offers fewer international flights.
b. The airport brings more visitors passing through.
c. The airport supports airline deregulation.
d. The airport supports the easing of FAA restrictions.
12. Which of Georgia’s events is described by the phrases in the box below?
Creation of almost 20,000 jobs
Improvements at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport
Estimated %5.1 billion in games-related revenue
Increased public financial funding commitments
a. Super Bowl XXX
b. 1996 Olympics
c. Delta Airlines hub moves to Atlanta
d. Coca-Cola headquarters establishment
13. Which industry is experiencing a steady growth in employment as represented by the
Interstate Highway System and Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport?
a. Tourism
b. Transportation
c. Manufacturing
d. Information technology
14. Georgia’s deepwater ports
a. Might close because air traffic is more important.
b. Open the state for trade with the world.
c. Are only for goods coming into the state, not leaving.
d. Are mainly for automobiles.
15. Which statement is true based on the phrases in the box below?
The climate makes Georgia a fun vacation spot.
The climate is good for farming.
Georgia’s climate is different in the mountains and at the coast.
a. Climate can affect the economy.
b. Climate is not important to people looking for a place to live.
c. Winter in the Appalachians is the same as in the Coastal Plain.
d. The cold winter temperatures make most people visit in the summer.
16. Which of the following BEST states why Georgia’s business leaders wanted to host the
a. To make money for themselves
b. To provide educational opportunities for Georgia’s children
c. To show the world that Georgia is a city for international business
d. To enjoy the games in their home state
17. Much of the money needed to host the Olympic s came from
a. The federal government.
b. The International Olympic committee.
c. Foreign governments.
d. Local businesses.