Habitat Study Guide with answers

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Habitats of Georgia Study Guide
Know these definitions:
Environment – everything that is around a living thing
Balance – not too many and not too few of a living thing
Ecosystem – all living and nonliving things that interact in a place
Drought – a long period of time with very little rain
Habitat – the place where a plant or animal lives
Wetland – land that is covered with water most of the time
Mountain – a high raised part of Earth’s surface
Coastal plain – an area of low, flat land near an ocean
Piedmont – an area with many hills, located between the mountain and the coastal
plain (this is the region of Georgia where we live)
Be able to answer the following questions:
Use your Science book to help you (Chapter 7 pages 260 - 307)
1. Describe an environment that is not in balance. Too many or too few of a
living thing like insects.
2. What factors can change an environment? People, rain, natural disasters,
3. What will happen when there is not enough rain? Living things will die
4. What will happen when there is too much rain? Flooding
5. Describe each region of Georgia (mountains, coastal plain, piedmont,
wetlands) in detail. Tell where each region is located, name the types of
plants and trees that grow there, and list the animals that live there.
6. What does a habitat provide to the animals and plants that live in it?
Everything it needs to survive.
7. Be able to compare one region of Georgia to another region of Georgia. For
example: Compare the environments in Georgia’s mountains with the
environments in the state’s coastal plain. Colder in mountains, rocky soil,
different plants and animals live in the mountains than in the coastal plain.
Soil in coastal plain is sandy and land is mostly flat.
8. What would happen to the animals in an ecosystem if there was too little
food or water? MOVES to find the food and water.
9. What is the relationship between Georgia’s wetlands and the other regions of
(Mountains- Bog )( Piedmont- pond)( coastal plains- swamp) (coast- marsh)