7 Habits that are making you AGE Faster

7 Habits that are making you AGE Faster!
By Howard Hoffman
They say 30’s is the new 20’s but, not for all of us! Here is a list of things you should do (and not do) that
can have an impact on your health.
You’re eating foods with no nutritional value. The rate you age (Oxidize), or your physical
appearance is heavily dependent on how you live your life and how you take care of your body.
Let’s compare your body to a car. Just imagine if you don’t use the right fuel in your car, is your
car going to work? So if you stuff your face every day with processed, refined fake food is your
body going to work? Unfortunately the answer is YES but, it will all soon catch up to you. Stop
putting sugar in your gas tank and switch to high octane.
You’re becoming a Prune. Here is some advice to all of you dehydrated plums out there.
Basically you’re not drinking enough water! Also remember not all water is created equally. You
want good filtered spring water and remember to drink it at room temperature. Be sure to drink
the proper recommended amount every day. Don’t be a prune – hydrate.
Wash your Face at Night. I know some of you are guilty of not doing this; you don’t wash
your face at night. This is especially important for those that live in major cities. Do you know
how much grime, dirt and oil your face gets in contact with on a daily basis? You don’t want to
know. You don’t want all that pollution on your pillow – wash your face!
Moisturize. I know… this word scares all men but, fellas we need to keep our skin hydrated. A
lot of us need a little extra help in this area but don’t be afraid. We don’t need fancy anti-aging
cream just a little coconut oil. Give yourself a glow that the ladies will appreciate. Man-up and
Don’t Wash Your Hair Every day. When you wash your hair every day with shampoo, you
actually strip it from its natural oils and leave it dry, brittle, and dull. Try washing it every other
day or every two days. This will help your hair to naturally replenish the oils it produces and
keep it healthy. A little unwashed hair never hurt anyone.
Wear Shades. Yes, you can wear shades not to just look cool but, to also slowdown the
wrinkles. The skin around your eyes is actually more delicate than the skin on the rest of your
face. Plus when you don’t wear shades you tend to squint more, which turns into crow’s-feet, a
sign of aging. If you’re having fun in the sun, wear your shades. You’ll look cooler with less
wrinkles too.
Eat Fat! Not fat like from an animal but, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, like the
ones found in avocados and nuts. They contain high levels of antioxidants, essential fatty acids,
and vitamin E, which help promote soft, plump skin and help with premature aging. Eating the
right fat will keep you healthy so make sure you get it in!
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