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European Facial 101: Description and Benefits:
Facial at New Age Spa is much more than just having your skin cleansed. We only use and sell IMAGE
Skin Care Products. IMAGE is known for its strength and superb effectiveness in correcting skin problems
and anti-aging. Utilizing the latest scientific research and stem cell technology IMAGE works to not only
treat the outer skin, but unlike most skin care lines (professional or over the counter), IMAGE works deep into the cells
to repair DNA damage, fight free radicals, increase collagen and elastin production and speed up cell turn over. The
older we get the slower our cells renew themselves. Unlike a baby, whose cells renew daily (the cause of cradle cap)
adult cells without help can take two months or much longer to renew.
What you may not know; The IMAGE products we use during a facial, referred to as “back bar” are an even
stronger, more active product, than the Home-Use IMAGE, that so many around the world have come to love and rely
There are 7 steps in a Professional European facial. Each step of a facial reaps its own rewards and benefits and
is a needed precursor to the next step. As I always say: “You can’t paint a picture without a clean pallet”. Hence a
facial begins with two separate cleansings. The 1st cleansing will remove makeup, surface dirt and grime. The 2nd
cleansing utilizes a stronger, more active cleanser to begin the deep pore cleansing and removal of the acid mantle to
prepare the skin for the steps to follow.
During the 3rd step an exfoliating product will be chosen to help dissolve and remove dead/dull skin cells.
[Those dreaded dull outer cells that keep your skin from glowing. These layers of dead skin cells also prevent absorption
of serums and moisturizers; blocking the magic from happening].
After the skin has been cleansed and exfoliated, while still warm, hydrated and pores are more open, extractions
will be performed as needed. This is the 4th step of the European facial.
The 5th crucial step is the “facial massage”. Although a face massage may appear to be purely for relaxation, a
skilled facial massage brings life giving fresh blood and oxygen to all layers of the skin by increasing circulation. A skilled
facial massage also lifts and tones muscles, raising and plumping the cheeks, opening the eye up by raising the orbital
muscle around the eye, thus giving a more youthful, wide-eyed appearance. Fine lines and expression lines are reduced
as well as excess lymph fluid under the skin dispersed to eradicate a bloated/puffy look.
A finishing mask is applied in the 6th step to hydrate, balance, tone and tighten the skin. Your skin is now ready
to absorb the treatment serums, moisturizers and eye creams of the final 7th step.
ou have just experienced the most relaxing spa service there is! The European facial.
Your blood pressure has been lowered, stress level decreased, production of new collagen and elastin
started and you now “Have your Glow On”! Healthy, cared for skin reflects light and does indeed glow!
Skin is the body’s largest living organ and performs a multitude of jobs to keep us healthy! Taking care of your skin is about health
and beauty. Megan and I are always here and ready to help, whether you want to turn back the clock and look younger, erase sun
damage and prevent underlying sun damage from appearing, clear up acne, even out your skin tone or more.
All these are easy and possible with regular skin care and use of the proper products at home.