Facial Review key

Facial Review Key
1. What is eye tabbing? Attaching individual lashes to a client
2. How are individual eyelashes attached? To the clients eyelashes following manufacturers directions
3. What are band lashes? Lashes on a strip band
4. Explain the correct procedure for removing creams and ointments from containers: use a spatula
and do not double dip
5. What are fundamental colors? Primary colors that cannot be obtained from a mixture
6. What is the first step in the makeup process? Client consultation
7. Which is the best light for facial makeup services? Natural light
8. Name and describe tonic lotions suitable for dry, mature skin? Lowest alcohol content, fresheners
9. Explain the term “good slip” : using a massage cream during massage
10. What is massage? Manual or mechanical manipulation of the body by various movement to
increase metabolism and circulation
11. Which areas of the body are cosmetologists allowed to massage? Scalp, face neck, shoulders,
upper cheek, back, feet, lower legs and knees and elbows
12. Describe effleurage: light continuous movement applied with fingers and palms in a slow
rhythmic manner without pressure
13. Describe petrissage: skin is grasped between fingers and palms and tissues are lifted from the
underlying structures and squeezed or rolled or pinched with light skin pressure
14. Describe percussion or tapotement: most stimulating form of massage performed by tapping,
slapping or hacking
15. What is fulling and where is it used? A form of petrissage used mainly on the arms
16. What is relaxation? Light, firm, slow rhythmic movements or very slow hand vibrations over
the motor points for a short time
17. Describe rolling? Pressing and twisting the tissues with a fast back and forth motion
18. Describe preservative facial treatments: maintaining health of facial skin by using correct
cleansing methods, increase circulation , relax nerves and activate the skin glands
19. What are the ways cleansing cream can be removed from the skin: tissues, moist cotton pads, facial
sponges or warm moist towels
20. What does steaming the face do the pores? Open the pores
21. What is the purpose of infra red lamps and how long may they be left on the skin? 3-5 minutes
heats and relaxes the skin dilates blood vessels
22. What is aromatherapy? Therapeutic use of essential oils
23. What is electrolysis? Removal of hair by means of an electric current that destroys the root of
the hair
24. What does the natural arch of the eyebrow follow? The orbital bone or curved line of the eye
25. When tweezing eyebrows brow hairs should be pulled in what direction? With the hair growth
26. What are cold and hot waxing products primarily made of? Resins and beeswax
27. How long is the time between waxing services? Four to six weeks
28. Where can the temperature of hot wax be tested ? On your wrist
29. Explain how to prepare the skin for waxing services: skin should abe thoroughly cleansed with a
mild astringent
30. Explain threading: manipulation of cotton thread which is twisted and rolled along the surface
of the skin entwining the hair in the thread and lifting it from the follicle.
31. Explain sugaring: process using a thick sugar based paste used as an epilator
32. Explain where wax should never be applied? Warts, abrasions or inflamed skin