Minutes 13 March 2014 - Disability Services Commission

WA NDIS My Way Reference Group Minutes
Meeting 3
13 March 2014, 1pm to 3pm
Barry MacKinnon Room, Disability Services Commission (DSC), West Perth
Ron Chalmers (Chair), Marcus Stafford, Anita Peiris, Rachel Skoss, Terry Simpson, Fiona Payne, Andrew Jefferson, Tom Leeming,
Rod Astbury, Joan McKenna Kerr, Shauna Gaebler, Paul Coates, Taryn Harvey, Linda Higgie, Robyn Massey, Bruce Langoulant, Kerry
Hawkins, Gordon Trewern, Grant Avery (Videoconference), Peter Seaward (Videoconference)
In attendance: Scott Mills, Giles Tuffin, Deb Roberts, Collette Morrow, Sharmane Wahapango (Secretariat)
Apologies: Simone Flavelle
Outcome / Actions
1. Welcome and
Key points:
 Ron Chalmers welcomed WA NDIS My Way Reference Group members.
 Previous meeting minutes approved.
 Deb Roberts clarified that information regarding the Memorandum of Understanding
(MoU) between the Mental Health Commission and Disability Services Commission can
be shared with the Reference Group, but not the MoU itself.
 Rod Astbury requested the DSC evaluation tender document.
 The Terms of Reference have been uploaded onto the website.
2. Bilateral and
 Robyn Massey to obtain advice from Strategy directorate on releasing the evaluation
tender document.
 Deb Roberts to prepare information document on MoU for Reference Group.
Key points:
 Tom Leeming provided an update on the current status of negotiations.
 Western Australia is ready to go but still awaiting Commonwealth sign off.
 Information from the Commonwealth is that this final process is very imminent.
Robyn Massey
Deb Roberts
WA NDIS My Way Reference Group Minutes
3. Communications
and engagement
4. Sector
5. ICT
Key points:
 Collette Morrow provided an overview of the DSC communications calendar.
 Participant packs are yet to be group tested.
 A broad range of strategies for different stakeholders has been identified.
 The Reference Group agreed that it will be important to include people with
psychosocial disability in the communications strategy.
 A Sector Network group comprising of key communications staff in Disability Service
Organisations will be formed as a way of broadening information dispersal on the WA
NDIS My Way trial, beyond DSC.
 Suggested contents for participant packs to be circulated to Reference Group members
for feedback.
 Review and provide feedback on the DSC communications calendar (particularly
suggested activities post May / June 2014) to Collette.Morrow@dsc.wa.gov.au
Key points:
 A NDIA Sector Development Fund has been provided to WA for strategic investments in
community and sector development.
 The ‘Strategic Investments in Community / Sector Development’ document was tabled.
 Not all initiatives will be progressed via open tender. Existing mechanisms will be used
where appropriate.
 It was noted that it is important not to duplicate national initiatives.
 Add - Investment in readiness to engage in the planning process (particularly those who
appear disengaged).
 Update - ‘Sector development – education interface’ to Sector development –
Mainstream Agency interface including Education.
 Reference Group to feedback on the proposed initiatives by Friday 28 March.
 Document to be re-circulated once changes made.
Key points
 This is not the development of a whole new system, but bolt ons and refinements.
 The system is being tested by My Way Coordinators.
Claire Harding
Claire Harding
WA NDIS My Way Reference Group Minutes
6. Legislation
7. Mainstream
8. Any other
business /
next steps
The essential requirements of the system will be in place by 1 July 2014 and a risk /
mitigation plan is in place.
 Clients will be engaged with the client portal through change management / training /
support and a My Way team walk through.
 Mental Health clients will go on the system as a new client.
Key points:
 The Amendment Bill went to Cabinet on Monday 10 March and was introduced to
Parliament this morning.
 This will now go through the Parliamentary process first week of April 2014.
 An email will be circulated to Reference Group members tomorrow, which will include
the Disability Services Amendment Bill, Explanatory Memo, Second Reading Speech
and the March progress report.
 WA NDIS My Way regulations will not look exactly like the NDIS rules but will state how
we are aligning with the NDIS.
 Engagement occurring between key mainstream agencies and Director General.
 Claire Harding to recirculate WA Comparative Evaluation ToR.
Completed 13/3/2014
Completed 14/3/2014