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Peninsula Connections 2015

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110 Harrisons Road, Dromana, 3936

Entry via Old White Hill Road

Mel Ref:160 J 8

THURSDAYS 4:15 - 5:30 pm

August 6 th , 13 th ,20 th , 27 th &

Sept 3 rd

GRADE 5 & 6

Let’s go Nihon




Ladies and Gentleman, we are now boarding our flight for Japan ! We will be visiting many major tourist attractions, not only learning simple travel phrases to get us through our trip, but also learning about Japanese culture and history. When we return home we will be creating a media based diary showing off our new language and cultural learning for your family and friends to enjoy, making some Japanese food for everyone whilst wearing our Yukata.

GRADE 5 & 6

Caring for the environment, caring for people. The Geographer’s Toolkit. DSC 2

What does the word sustainable mean to you ? Do you like to design and build your own cities ? Be ready to get amongst nature and understand how our natural environments came to be. Geographers study the places that make up the world around us and ask questions about the world in which we live. Through fieldwork in our beautiful natural environment, you will learn to gather, analyse and present information which will explain the natural processes in our own environment. You will then become a town planner and design your own sustainable city and country environments.

GRADE 5 & 6 Histories Mysteries of the Ancient World. DSC 3

Do you enjoy solving mysteries ? Are you really a secret detective? In our sessions you will board the time traveler to journey back to the past and discover lost Inca civilizations, the exotic lands of the Pharoahs and decode ancient hieroglyphics. If unlocking the truth to these secrets sounds like fun, IT IS! Join us in our quest to understand Histories Mysteries of the Ancient world.

GRADE 5 & 6 The earth and beyond DSC 4

Next stop NASA. Get your moon boots and we are off.

Are you fascinated by space? Is there any other life out there? Come and join us in finding out what makes up our universe, planets, stars, moons so let’s discover them together. We will get into a rocket, stamp our passports as we travel across the Milky Way and explore those outer reaches and more!

GRADE 5 & 6 The power of our outdoors DSC 5

Are you into the outdoors? Why not come and learn more about the outdoors, the importance of nature and why you need to connect with nature. Learn about the unique Australian environment and the formation of our continent and our wonderful flora and fauna. When did the

Aborigines arrive? How fascinating are their dreamtime stories? Improve your camping skills whilst we reconnect with our history and our wonderful nature.

GRADE 5 & 6 Stop ! It’s novel time Boys only DSC 6

If you love reading novels and stories, then how about writing them ? Whether it’s dragons and castles, space ships and aliens, magic and power, or kicking goals and taking wickets, books cover a huge range of topics and we will be looking at a lot of them. Creative writing is a fantastic way to express yourself and indulge your imagination. In this class we will learn about genres, characters, setting, plot development and story arcs. It will be filled with great examples and fun activities. It doesn’t matter what kind of stories you like or want to write, the skills you learn here will help you to get that story out!

GRADE 5 & 6 Stop ! It’s novel time Girls only DSC 7

Do you like reading stories? Ever wanted to write your own story? Well come along to "Stop! It’s Novel Time" and let your imagination run wild. We’ll cover things like setting, character and plot development. Learn how to write gripping mysteries, daring adventures or a dramatic love story. Join us as we let our creative juices flow…. I peered sleepily at the phone as the call suddenly disconnects. “ What could Tess possibly want at this time?” !!!!

GRADE 5 & 6 Look out world here comes Shakespeare No 2 DSC 8

Do you love drama? You probably enjoy getting up in front of others and performing! Come and physically explore a famous play by

William Shakespeare called “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Reading the play is so boring so we will give you the chance to get up on your feet and play around with the characters, the setting and the ideas explored throughout the play. It’s got everything from magic and fairies to love triangles and of course the bad guys! So come along, get DRAMATIC, and let’s explore Shakespeare!

GRADE 5 & 6 Spectacular Science!


Are y Are you fascinated by the world around you? If so, then come and join us for some spectacular science! You will explore some amazing chemi chemical reactions, get your Bunsen burner license, brighten up your day with Light and explore the world around you under the microscope.

Each l Each lesson, you will be doing something different and exciting so come join us for the awesomeness that is science!