Minnesota State University, Mankato IFC Agenda

Thursday October 4, 2012

Call to Order: 5:00pm


Roll Call:


Approval of Minutes: 9/20/12


Approval of Agenda: 10/4/12


Officer Reports:

Vice President of Community Service and Philanthropy, Mr. Jeremy Herkenhoff: jeremy.herkenhoff@mnsu.edu

(612) 791-6134

 Blood Drive o Oct. 9 th and 10 th o Tabling day of

 Phi Kappa Psi 9 th 10-11

 Delta Chi – 9 th 11-12

 Sigma Chi – 9 th 12-1

 Tau Kappa Epsilon 9 th 1-2

 Lambda Chi Alpha 10 th 11-12

 Phi Delta Theta 10 th 12-1

 Sigma Nu 10 th 1-2

 Cupcakes o Make a dozen o Or bring a box of cake mix and in PHC Box by Sunday or Monday morning

 Rake the town o October 27th at 9 am around the MNSU campus community o If interested contact me o Or also can contact isaac.mutcherson@mnsu.edu

or denis.billington-just@mnsu.edu

 Community Services Hours o Due tomorrow if you want to be recognized at next All Greek

 Basket Auctions o Oct. 30 th o Halloween Themed o Set a goal of $3000 total and I will cut my hair into a mullet for dance marathon o Jordan will bleach her hair at $4000

Vice President of Risk Management, Mr. Lee Schroeder: lee.schroeder@mnsu.edu

(612) 296-3562

 Movemeber info/ interest

 NCAAW is next week, tabling schedules are being sent out tonight so watch your email.

Vice President of Conduct Review, Mr. Jeff Purdy: jeff.purdy@mnsu.edu

(952) 412-9830

 Conduct Review Roundtables are tonight in CSU 256 at 7:00pm

Vice President of Academic Affairs and Membership Development, Mr. Cody Nickel:



(507) 676-1052

 Emerging Leaders Program canceled or postponed, received 0 applications o If still interested, get applications in to me ASAP

 GLC still in progress

Vice President of Recruitment, Mr. Ethan Nelson ethan.nelson@mnsu.edu

(651) 230-9707

 Expansion Committee

 Recruitment discussion tentatively in November

Vice President of Public Relations, Mr. Alex Johnson alex.johnson-2@mnsu.edu

(651) 380-7042

 Annual Report


Vice President of Council Management, Mr. Nicholas Jirik: nicholas.jirik@mnsu.edu

(952) 607-0568

 Budget

 Working on transition

President, Mr. Christopher Collins: christopher.collins@mnsu.edu

(507) 995-2611

 One on One’s

 Pizza for my bros! o 10/11/2012 o During IFC meeting

 Gettin’ it in! o In regards to AFLV packets

Greek Advisor, Mr. John Bulcock: john.bulcock@mnsu.edu

(507) 389-6076

 No Report

Greek Graduate Intern, Ms. Ashley Portra: ashley.portra@mnsu.edu

 No Report

Old Business:

Nominations for Council Management

David Schieler

Nick Holm

Mike Ramirez

Jon Marquardt

Budget Proposal


New Business:




 Delta Chi and Rugby partnering to support the V Foundation Oct 13 th o game at 1:00pm behind Gage o Raffles and donations

 Delta Chi Car Smash o Wed October 31 st

 o 11:00am – 2:00pm

Phi Delta Theta Black Light Party

 o Tonight at 9:00pm

Phi Delta Theta Mock House Party o Friday October 19 th o No official cover charge

 Debate betwteen Tim Walz and Allen Quist o Tuesday October 9 th at 7:00-8:30pm in Ostrander Auditorium

 Rock The Vote o October 10 th from 5:00-10:00pm in the Ballroom o Voter registration ends on the 16 th

Meeting Adjourned at 5:23pm