Geography Asia Pacific Biomes Deserts Information Report

Information report
Asia Pacific Region and Biomes
1. 7.1 Asia-Pacific Landforms Countries in the Asia Pacific region. (Fig 1, 190).
a. Australia, New Zealand plus 5 more
2. 7.1 Variety of landforms in Asia Pacific region (Asia Pacific Records 190)
a. Mountains, oceans, reef, monoliths, saltpans, volcanoes, deltas, islands, carol atolls
3. Homework – Our Landform Features (1& 2) – peer assess.
4. 7.3 Natural Environments of the Asia Pacific Region What is a biome? A biome is a
community of plants and animals spread over a large natural area. List 5 different biomes:
Grassland, Mountain, Forest, Desert, Wetlands
5. Group presentation (definition, features, images)
a. Grassland: lots of grass. 2 types:
i. Savanna – scattered trees, climate is warm/hot, wet and dry season
ii. Temperate – few trees, fertile, good for farming
b. Mountains: Mild to cold, steep and rugged land. Rain and snow.
c. Forest: Dominated by trees. 3 types:
i. Coniferous forest – evergreen, tall and straight trees. Few plans underneath.
ii. Open forest – tall straight evergreen trees, dense undergrowth of ferns and
iii. Rainforest – constantly wet. Canopy forms at top.
d. Desert: Shortage of moisture because of low precipitation. Bare ground, drought
resistant plants.
e. Wetlands: Covered by fresh or salt water, usually near the coast, swamps and
6. Test: Glossary match, missing word, T/F
7. 7.5 Environments Under Threat