Biome Vocabulary Choice Board 2015

Name: __________________________ Vocabulary Choice Board
Due Friday, August 21st.
You will choose 3 options -one of which must be the middle.
*You cannot use the same words for your 2nd and 3rd choices.
*Advanced Classes must complete at least one corner.
Using at least ten
vocabulary words,
create a game to
help you study.
Comic Strip
You can draw one
comic strip that
uses at least 5 of
the words or
create a separate
strip for each
Make an acrostic
for at least 5 of
your vocabulary
words. The words
you choose for
each letter should
be related to the
word written
Cut pictures or words
from magazines or
newspapers that
represent the
meaning of at least 10
vocabulary words.
OR Create a “meme”
for each of your ten
Be sure to include the
term with each.
Required Vocabulary
Create Flash Cards for
all vocabulary.
This can be
handwritten on index
cards or using Quizlet.
Using at least 15 of
your vocabulary
words, create a
crossword puzzle. Be
creative in the clues
that you use. Do not
always use the
definition for that clue.
For at least 10
words, list 8
words that can
be associated
with that word.
*Tip: Create a
“word cloud”
using Wordle
Make a booklet
of at least 10
words and their
meaning using
your own
Use at least 10 of
your vocabulary
words in an
original story. Be
sure to underline
each word for
your audience.
1. Biogeography – The study of where organisms live
2. Continental Drift – The very slow movement of the continents
3. Dispersal – The movement of organisms from one place to another; caused
by wind, water, or other living things
4. Exotic Species – An organism that is carried into a new location by people
5. Climate – The typical weather patterns over a long period of time
6. Biome – A group of land ecosystems with similar climates and organisms
7. Canopy – A leafy roof formed by tall trees
8. Understory – A layer of shorter trees and vines below the canopy
9. Desert – An area that receives less than 25 cm of rainfall per year
10. Grassland – An area that is populated mostly by grasses and other nonwoody plant, and receive 50 to 90 cm of rainfall each year
11. Savanna – A grassland close to the equator that receives as much as 130 cm
of rainfall per year
12. Deciduous tree – sheds its leaves and grows new ones each year
13. Rainforest – Humid biomes that receive lots of rain, with a large variety of
plant and animal species, there are two different types: tropical and
temperate. These two differ in location and temperature.
14. Coniferous tree – A tree that produces its seeds in cones and that has
needle-shaped leaves
15. Tundra – An extremely cold, dry biome that receives less than 25 cm of rain
per year.
16. Permafrost – Soil that is frozen all year
17. Freshwater ecosystem – an ecosystem that is classified as having lakes,
ponds, rivers, or streams, but can include a variety of habitats
18. Boreal Forest/Taiga – Colder climate region, with coniferous trees; cold
snowy winters and rainy summers that are warm enough to melt the snow
19. Deforestation – The clearing of forests and trees
20. Water Shed – A ridge of high land that divides tow areas drained by
different river systems; the whole region from which a river receives its
supply of water
21. Mountain - This is not a true biome, but as one travels from the base to the
summit you would pass through multiple biomes
22. Marine/Saltwater – Ecosystem that is contains salt water, and include the
following: estuaries, intertidal zones, neritic zones, and the open ocean
23. Estuary – A habitat in which the fresh water of a river meets the salt water
of the ocean
24. Intertidal zone – The area between the highest high-tide line and lowest
low-tide line
25. Neritic zone – The region of shallow ocean water over the continental shelf