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Dear Parents and Students,
Welcome to Lisa’s Dance Dimensions. (LDD) & Next Dimension Gymnastics (NDG) 2009-2010 school
year. Welcome to our family! This handbook has been written to describe our program, goals, policies
and the details that go into making each lesson as happy and successful as possible. Please study it and
keep it for reference, as it will answer many of your questions. We are looking forward to another exciting
STATEMENT OF PHILOSOPHY: We here at Lisa’s, we use dance & gymnastics as a tool to give
the students the opportunity to develop character, ability, knowledge of these artistic forms and promote
self-esteem. We teach important life skills such as, sharing, taking turns, voicing opinions, listening, goal
setting, and the willingness to try new things. Although discipline of conduct is required, the students'
enjoyment of classes is paramount while still "obeying the rules." Our # 1 goal is that each student
leaves class with a smile and the belief that they can do it!
Why Dance & Tumble?? Our classes are excellent for the student to learn how to be in a social
environment with other children while having fun. Our classes will enable the student to improve on their
self esteem, confidence, coordination, rhythm, and poise. Our classes will also help younger students
improve on his or her listing skills, as well as learning how to share and take turns with others. Whether
you are interested in recreational dance class or our competitive dance or cheer teams, we believe we
have the class for you.
Program Objective: Our lessons are planned so that dancers & gymnasts will:
1. Feel secure.
2. Receive individual attention and encouragement.
3. Develop self-discipline.
4. Experience success in order to develop a positive self-image.
5. Develop dance /gymnastic skills.
The Importance of Ballet Training
Ballet is the cornerstone of all formal dance disciplines. We recommend ballet be a priority in your
schedule to enhance your child’s technique in either competitive or recreational dance.
Hands-on Parents should be aware that our classes are conducted in a”hands-on’” fashion. This will
ensure that each dancer/ gymnast receives personal correction of placement and technique that will help
them to improve and be as safe as possible in dance and gymnastics.
Insurance: Lisa’s Dance Dimensions & Next Dimension Gymnastics does not carry medical insurance
for its students. It is required that all dance students be covered by their own family insurance policies
and if injury occurs it is understood that the student’s own policy is your only source of reimbursement.
Parent Participation: In order to maintain class structure, discipline and your child’s
accomplishment in class no visitors are allowed in the dance/ gymnastic area. We have set two weeks
during the year that parents are welcome to quietly observe their child’s classes. (See calendar) We
request for adults only no children please, as it may be a distraction. Please arrive on time and stay for
the entire class. Our parents are invaluable. Your child needs your encouragement and support. Each
class needs a room parent that will assist the teacher with performances, class parties, and notifications.
We also need the all important room moms for performances and the recital. Room Mothers may
distribute a contact list within classes. Please notify us immediately if you require your parent/guardian,
telephone, e-mail or address information held in confidence.
Class Attendance: Regular attendance helps to build dependability and responsibility. As we have
all heard, "finish what you start." Regular attendance is vital to student progress and group
choreography. Absences and tardiness can hold back an entire class and the studio can not jeopardize
its responsibilities to the rest of the class for one student. A child’s interest and progress is directly related
to good attendance. Consistency helps build our relationship with one another and our love for dance.
Practice at home is encouraged. In the event of illness, please keep them home from class. We do not
want sickness spread throughout the studio. Make up classes can be scheduled if prior notice is given
and an alternate class is available. Classes must be made up within 30 days, Make –up classes are
limited to 3 a year and unexcused absences will not be made up. Missed classes cannot be made up for
the end of the year “Perfect Attendance Award”. If a dancer is injured they are encouraged to observe
class. There are no refunds or credits for missed classes.
Attendance Procedures: Due to insurance restrictions, children may not arrive more than 10
minutes before nor may they remain more than 10 minutes after classes. If for some reason you cannot
pick your child on time OR they must come early you may set up an arrangement with the studio.
Additional fees will apply. If you have arrived early, you must wait with your child until it is time to start
class .Dance rooms will remain closed until the instructor opens the door to enter. Remember, teachers
come in early to prepare for class. Please do not open the doors until your instructor is ready. Before
class begins, please try to have the dancer's shoes on them. Once your child’s class ends I cannot be
responsible for them as I am beginning another class. Students are expected to arrive for class on time.
Late arrivals disrupt the class and miss the proper warm-up at the beginning of class. Students who arrive
ten or more minutes late for class may be asked to sit and observe. Please pick up your child on time; we
ask that the parent or designated guardian comes to the door and picks him or her up. If your child is
permitted to leave the building for any reason, I need written permission so I can keep it with your child's
enrollment card. If someone other than the child's parent, pick them up, please introduce or notify the
Health: You are the best judge of your child’s health and we trust you will not bring a sick child to the
studio. However, if in the opinion of the teaching staff your child is sick, we will call you to come and pickup your child. The following criteria will be considered in determining if your child must go home:
1. fever of 100 degrees or more
2. Inflammation of the eyes
3. Vomiting
4. An incidence of diarrhea
5. Communicable disease
Lost and Found
LDD & NDG is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
Articles left will be placed in the lost and found area and removed at the end of each month.
Class Descriptions
P A R E N T / T O T – ( A g e s 1 8 m o n t h s - 4 ) P a r e n t a s s i s t a n c e - The Parent Tot class includes: stretching,
small and large motor skills, mat work, mini balance beam, mini trampoline, obstacle course, and basic tumbling. We ask
that a parent assist the child during the class.
(This is a non-recital class) Taught in 6-8 week sessions. Tuition is based on the total lessons in a session.
R H Y T H M – Ballet/Tap/Gymnastics Pre-School – Ages 3-5 1 h o u r c l a s s 1 t i m e a w e e k . This class
teaches the basic ballet and tap & gymnastic techniques. Students will learn the elementary positions, exercises, ballet
terminology and rhythmic skills of elementary tap. The will learn basic tumbling skills and use elementary gymnastic
equipment. This class is designed for students to explore music and dance while developing skills for continued training.
We use both contemporary and traditional teaching methods, utilizing musicality, tumbling, and fun dance games so that
students will gain physical coordination. Through progressive learning they develop the ability to move on to the next
level of learning. Students are given the opportunity to perform 2 – 3 dances in our annual dance recital.
SUPER HERO GYMNASTICS - (Boys) – Ages 3-5: 4 5 m i n u t e c l a s s 1 t i m e a w e e k . This class will include:
stretching, small and large motor skills, mat work, mini balance beam, mini trampoline, obstacle course, and basic
tumbling. Students will be able to work on the following: rolls, cartwheels, round-offs, table tops, backbends, back
walkovers. This class will use progressions to determine levels. Students are given the opportunity to perform 1 dance in
our annual dance recital.
TUMBLE TOTS - Pre-School Gymnastics – Ages 3-5: 4 5 - 5 5 m i n u t e c l a s s 1 t i m e a w e e k . This class will
include: stretching, small and large motor skills, mat work, mini balance beam, mini trampoline, obstacle course, and basic
tumbling. Students will be able to work on the following: rolls, cartwheels, round-offs, table tops, backbends, back
walkovers. This class will use progressions to determine levels. Students are given the opportunity to perform 1 dance in
our annual dance recital.
Ages 5 -Up
Ballet/Tap Combo 1– Ages 5-6 - 4 5 m i n u t e c l a s s 1 t i m e a w e e k . In this combination class, students develop
grace, musicality, and elegant line as they learn additional ballet technique and terminology. In tap they build rhythm and
improve listening skills. Basic elementary tap steps are taught in this class along with additional elementary combinations.
We draw from traditional and contemporary methodologies focusing on anatomically sound principals and the joy of
moving. Students are introduced to barre exercises, which will help them develop necessary skills for continued dance.
This class provides a strong foundation for ballet and other forms of dance. Students are given the opportunity to
perform two dances in our annual dance recital.
Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo 1 – Ages 7 - 9 – 1 h o u r c l a s s 1 t i m e a w e e k . This is a combination class that
incorporates the three major dance subjects. In ballet, students continue to develop grace, musicality, and elegant line. It
is a continuation of those basic ballet concepts learned at a younger age with a gradual increase in difficulty to prepare
students for the more complex combinations. Jazz is taught in its contemporary form, learning isolations, flexibility
stretches such as splits and holds followed by dance combinations of turns, kicks, leaps, and jumps. Students build a firm
foundation of basic tap footwork and terminology. Coordination and listening skills are developed to allow for more
complex tap rhythms to various types of music. Students will be given the opportunity to perform two or three dances in
our annual recital
Junior Olympic Gymnastics - Recommended ages 6 and up. All gymnastic classes are USAG certified. Taught under
strict regulations of United States Gymnastics. Children will be tested and placed in classes according to levels not age.
Gymnastic classes will be taught in progression and students must acquire certain skills to move into another level. We
offer Junior Olympic, group, team and recreational gymnastics. Your instructor will instruct you into which your child can
and will be placed in. All gymnastic classes will have experience on Balance beam, Vault, Uneven bar, Mini Tramp,
Tumble Trak, and Floor exercise. Students may audition for team during certain times of the year. Those on team will
have additional fees.
T U M B L E / C H E E R – ( a g e s 7 a n d u p ) 4 5 m i n u t e c l a s s o r 1 h o u r c l a s s 1 t i m e a w e e k . This
class will include: stretching, small and large motor skills, mat work, mini balance beam, mini trampoline, obstacle course,
and basic tumbling. Students will be able to work on the following: rolls, cartwheels, round-offs, table tops, backbends,
back walkovers, back handsprings and more including cheers, sidelines and mini cheer routine. This class will use
progressions to determine levels.
Ballet/Tap/Jazz/Hip Hop /Lyrical Combo lv2 & 3 – Ages 9 - 12 or beg. older 1 ¼ or 1 ½ h o u r c l a s s 1 t i m e a
w e e k . This combination class requires a background in jazz, tap and ballet at the beginner level. Students will be
introduced to more intricate techniques and terminology. This is a preparatory class for ballet students considering more
advanced ballet training or Pointe. Students will focus on further developing tap style and rhythms through more
advanced barre exercises and center combinations. Teaching methods will be based on both classical and modern ballet
as well as, Musical Comedy and Rhythm Tap. This is also an introductory hip hop and /or lyrical class for students that
have had little jazz or hip hop instruction. Classic Jazz is incorporated with the latest Hip Hop styles to help students learn
isolations, technique and combinations. Students who learn the necessary elements of jazz increase their ability to
successfully learn hip hop. This a great class to learn hip hop moves, which require the coordination and balance learned
from jazz. When students complete this class they are ready to progress to the next level, which introduces more complex
moves and routines. Students will perform three numbers in our annual recital.
Pointe & Pre Pointe – Ages 11-18 - 1 h o u r c l a s s 1 t i m e a w e e k For students who demonstrate technical
proficiency and knowledge of elements learned in ballet. Students are further introduced to more advanced combinations
and exercises designed to improve accuracy, speed and the ability to link movements taught in class to performance
choreography. Pointe is introduced to girls who show adequate strength and accurate technique. Each student is
carefully evaluated before starting study on Pointe. Sufficient understanding of correct placement and alignment must be
demonstrated before Pointe instruction begins thus decreasing the possible risk of injury. Students must have had five
consecutive years of ballet and teacher approval before taking this class. One number will be performed in the annual
Lyrical – Ages 12-18 - Jr & Sr Levels
45 minute class 1 time a week
A hybrid of ballet, jazz and
modern dance, Lyrical is one of the most popular styles of dance for young women, in particular. It is more emotive than
jazz, less codified than ballet and pulls movement vocabulary from modern dance. Lyrical incorporates a musical flow of
rhythms and disciplinary dance technique. Students will learn combinations that are set to slower pop songs and ballads.
The class focuses on strength and flexibility techniques in center and across the floor combinations. Students will perform
one number in the annual recital.
Tap Intermediate/ Ad - Ages 12-18 – Jr & Sr Levels
45 minute or hour class 1 time a week
Theses classes require prior training in tap beginner/intermediate level. The tap class will incorporate a variation of more
difficult tap technique and rhythms through barre and center floor exercises. Increased musicality, flexibility, and
endurance will be reached through this class. Students will perform one number in our annual recital.
Modern – Teen/Young Adult 4 5 m i n u t e o r h o u r c l a s s 1 t i m e a w e e k
Previous dance experience in
ballet or jazz is required to succeed in this class. This class has a warm-up and across the floor combinations. Students
will learn to stylize dance moves they learn which will allow them to better express themselves through their dancing. This
class is fast paced and uses the fundamentals of beginner lyrical with modern technique. It is a great class for those who
want to increase their flexibility and express themselves. Students in this class will perform one number in our annual
Jazz / Hip Hop Intermediate – Ages 12-18 – Jr & Sr Levels 4 5 m i n u t e c l a s s 1 t i m e a w e e k This is a
combination class that requires an intermediate background in jazz and beginner in hip hop. Students in this class will
perform one number in our annual recital.
Adult Dance and Fitness Classes Ballet/ Lyrical/ Jazz & Hip Hop Beginner/Intermediate – Ages 18 - Adult – 1
h o u r c l a s s 1 t i m e a w e e k . For teen/adult students who wish to attend a class once a week for fun and fitness in
a relaxed environment. We typically have a range of ages and experience levels in these classes from beginners to
advance dancers. Classes are structured to move at your own pace and incorporate classical ballet technique and lyrical
and jazz dance. Barre exercises, center floor and across the floor combinations, help with posture, elegance, and
flexibility. Students will learn various combinations to classic and modern music. Students have the choice to perform in
the annual recital.
1. Students must wait inside the building to be picked up.
2. No student is permitted to leave the building without an adult.
3. All students must use the restroom before they enter class.
4. Please try to keep the lobby as quiet and clean as possible.
5. Students must use the shelves and the hangers for their
belongings, please do not set them on the lobby chairs.
6. Please do not interrupt the teacher while the class is in session. If you
need to speak to the teacher, please do so before or after the class.
If necessary, you may make an appointment.
7. Running and Tapping on the tile floor are not permitted in the lobby.
8. Please do not let children bang on the vending machines!
9. No tapping or knocking on the class doors or windows!
10. We are not responsible for unsupervised children!!!
1. No food or drinks of any kind are permitted in the dance rooms. You
must keep all food and drinks in the lobby, including water! Students
are not permitted to chew gum in the dance room!!
2. Absolutely no street shoes on the dance floor!!!! That means everyone!
(Street shoes are what you wear into the building)
3. Dance shoes are not to be worn outside for any reason!! They are to
be worn inside only!!
4. All students must be in proper dress code while attending class.
Appropriate shoes must also be worn to all classes.
5. Short hair must be secured off of the face. Long hair must be in a
Ponytail, bun, or braid.
6. All tap shoes must have elastic or buckles. No strings!!
7. Parents are not permitted to walk their children into the dance room.
The teacher will greet them at the door and bring them into the
classroom. Please do not go into the classroom to pick them up.
After the class is over the teacher will bring them out to the lobby. We
want to keep our dance floor as clean as possible.
8. Class will be conducted with the doors closed. This will avoid any
distraction from the lobby.
9. Please make sure you arrive 5 to 10 minutes early to class.
10. Children should not touch the mirrors or windows.
11. Absolutely no running in the classroom.
12. No Toys or Jewelry permitted in class.
13. An hour of instruction equals 55 minutes
Office Procedures: In order for classes to have no interruptions, please leave your name and
telephone number with the student teacher and Miss Lisa or your child’s teacher will contact you. Ensure
your enrollment cards are kept up-to-date and correct. Because the little elf in the studio seems to run
away with the student’s notes we are now using email to send out most information. It is your
responsibility to contact your teacher to get information if you are not set up to receive email. Please
come in from time to time to check out our bulletin board. All email transactions as well as the monthly
calendar is posted there. If you are unsure about any times, dates or places of any up-coming events just
ask. We will also post things on the front door as reminders to you. Please take the time to check emails
& notes. Mark your calendar for all important meeting, rehearsal and payment dates. Staff members often
get blamed by upset parents about late fees or dancers not knowing information that had been sent
home. LDD works very hard to keep you informed. I cannot stress enough how important it is for the
dancers, teachers and parents to keep the lines of communication open. If a problem or concern arises,
please speak to me immediately so a solution can be found. Without feedback I cannot solve problems
for you and your family.
Dance /Gymnastic year: The dance/gymnastic school year is from Mid August through mid May. A
six to eight -week summer session is held in June and July. The studio/gym is typically closed mid July to
mid August.
Enrollment Cancelations
The studio reserves the right to cancel the enrollment of a child for the following reasons:
1. Non-payment or excessive late payment of fees.
2. Not observing the rules of the studio.
3. Child has special needs which we cannot adequately meet with our
current staffing patterns.
4. Physical and/or verbal abuse of staff or children, by a parent or child.
Inclement weather or Emergency: In case of inclement weather, parents should call the school
(285-5515) for a message about closing. We usually close if Elmore county schools close due to weather,
but in some cases weather may be fine at the time classes are to begin and we may still have classes.
This also applies to any performance we may have. If in doubt call the studio for the message. Decisions
are made at least 1.5 hours prior to studio/ gym opening or performance time.
Studio/ Gym Fund-raising: All studio fundraisers are voluntary. If you decide to participate, you will
receive a list of what to sell and how much money will go into your own account. Each student who
participates will have their own account for their own earnings. All earnings can be used for recital fees,
dancewear, costumes, shoes, etc... You decide where you want your money to go. We will be offering a
variety of fundraisers for you to choose from, if you wish to participate.
Substitution: The school reserves the right to provide a substitute teacher if the regularly scheduled
teacher is ill or otherwise unable to teach classes. If a teacher is ill and the school cannot arrange a
substitute any missed classes will be made up.
Holiday: Holiday dates will be posted and will be given to your child prior to holiday
periods included in email reminders and calendar. Other cancellations due to competitions
or other out of town events will also be posted in advance.
Labor Day
Veterans’ Day
Sept 7, 2009
Nov 11, 2009
Nov 23-27, 2008
Spring Break
Dec 21, 2007-Jan 3, 2010
Resume class on Jan 4th 2010
Jan 18, 2010
Mar 15-19, 2010
Monthly Tuition Policy: A registration fee (non-refundable) is due upon enrollment
(one child - $38.00 family - $58.00). Registration is not complete until the registration fee is paid
along with all proper forms signed.
Our tuition is based on the agreement for at least 34 functions over a 10 month period. This includes
classes, performances, rehearsals, and the recital at the end of the dance year or anytime an instructor
must be present with your child. Tuition is due the1st of each month and become delinquent after the
8th. We accept cash and checks. All checks should be made payable to Lisa’s Dance Dimensions.
Tuition remains the same whether it is a long (5-week) or short (3-week) month and regardless of
absences. (Tuition is based on the total of 34 sessions or more per year and then divided into 10
monthly payments.) Money is not refunded for missed lessons for any reason. Account statements will
not be sent out unless your account is overdue. There is a $15.00 processing fee for all past due
accounts. After the 8th of the month a $15.00 late fee will be added to your account. This fee will
continue to be added monthly until account is paid up to date. There is a $30.00 charge on all returned
checks. If your account falls behind more than 2 months, you will be asked to pay your balance or your
child’s enrollment may be canceled. If a child must drop a class it must be done in writing given directly
to the director or owner. All children are considered enrolled until written withdrawal and 30 days
notice is received. Therefore tuition is still charged . A child attending any portion of a month or session
is charged full tuition. No proration for unattended classes, dismissals or withdrawals. Tuition is NOT
REFUNDABLE or credited for any reason. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Family Discounts: 1st child - Regular rate; 2nd/3rd - 10% off; 4th or more 15% off.
Performance activities: Performing is a very important part of dance & gymnastics. Being able to
perform in front of an audience can be a wonderful and challenging experience. During the year we will
be taking the students out to perform at different locations in the community. Look on your calendar for
upcoming events. Details about the performances, clothing, times, etc., Will be given to you as soon as
possible. We will need room parents to help. Any help and support in these programs and special
functions would be greatly appreciated. If you have any ideas or are interested in helping please let your
teachers know. Thank you in advance.
Mom / Dad & Dancer: We had such a great time in past years; we would like to continue the fun
and success. Moms/Dads who are interested in participating are encouraged to notify Miss Lisa as soon
as possible. Sign – up sheets will be posted on the bulletin board in January. These special Moms/Dads
will dance with their sons / daughters in the recital at the end of the year. Rehearsals will begin in March.
Cost for this program is $35.00 per couple Additional child is $5.00. Costuming is extra.
Solos & Duets: Students interested in performing a solo or duet routine in the annual show must
receive permission from the director or audition in December. See your teacher for details. Student must
be 9 years old or have taken adequate lessons to be able to carry the dance. Solos & Duets are taught in
3-4 private lessons. The rate for choreography and private lessons is charged. Additional costume
fees may be required.
Recital Fee: This fee is in addition to tuition and Costumes : $89.00 1st child, additional family
members are only $30.00 each. Included in this fee will be 2 tickets per family, 1 recital DVD, 1 trophy per
child, and 1 recital t-shirt per child. To be paid in full By January 15 th. You may choose to add additional
payments to tuition each month if this makes it easier for you. Discuss this with Miss Lisa. We are
including a DVD with the package this year because we will no longer be able to allow videotaping of any
kind due to safety regulations. (If you do not wish the video please let us know.)
Recital Ticket Policy: All studio fees must be paid in full or your child will not be permitted to
participate in the recital. (Due to the costs associated for the recital and rehearsal we use a portion of the
recital fee to defray costs and the other part goes for all the goodies for the student. Student Goodies
include: 2 free tickets per family, recital t-shirt per child, 1 DVD per family, 1 trophy per child. Recital fees
include but not limited to: Dress Rehearsal, Recital fees which include the purchase of the Auditorium
rental, band room rentals, DJ equipment, security, fire marshal, lighting equipment, janitors, scenery and
a lot of extra expenses. Each family will still receive 2 complimentary tickets as long as we can still do
that. Please help us sell additional tickets so we can still offer 2 free for parents. Each student will be
given tickets to sell. If you cannot sell them return the unsold tickets at dress rehearsal and you will not be
charged for them. Tickets will go on sale in April. Tickets can be pre-ordered or purchased at the door.
Seating is first come, first served.
MANDATORY Parent Recital Meeting: Each year we have a recital meeting going over
everything you need to know about the recital. This is an important meeting. Plan to attend. We offer 2
meetings one in the AM and one PM so we can help out all of your schedules. Check your calendars for
day and time. This meeting will be held in April.
Dress Rehearsal Policy: A mandatory dress rehearsal will be held. All students must rehearse all
of their numbers at the dress rehearsal or they will not be permitted to perform in the recital. Students
must bring their entire costume including tights, make-up, and shoes. Dress rehearsal is considered a
End of the year Awards: All students who have not missed a single class all year will receive a
Perfect Attendance Award. This may be a trophy or medal. (Note: classes cannot be made up for this
award). Every student registered with a paid recital fee will receive a participation award and Recital TShirt. We also award Special Achievement and Scholarship Awards. Awards ceremony is held at dress
I am looking forward to having a great year with you. If I can be of any assistance,
please feel free to call me at home, 285-5670. I will take calls at home Mon-Fri, 10:00
AM - 12:00 PM. You may also email me [email protected] .Thank you in advance for all
your help support and understanding.
Ms. Lisa
Recital: Recital and Costume fees are non refundable. Costume fees are in addition to recital
fee. Costumes will be ordered and you will be expected to pay total costs unless we receive a written
request not to be in the recital. NLT December 1st
You will receive your final balance, if any, in February. Balance will be due by March 1 st. The studio
reserves the right to increase this fee if costumes prices increase from the previous year. All accessories,
including tights, headpieces, gloves, props etc. will be an additional charge. Costumes cannot be ordered
unless they are paid in full. In order to receive costumes in time, Costumes are ordered in December.
picked up from the studio by May 15th, become the property of Lisa’s Dance Dimensions.
Measurement sheets will be sent home with your child in Oct. or Nov. It is up to you to decide the size
you wish to order. Better larger than too small. Most costumes need to be altered in some way. The girth
measurement is the most important measurement. If you need help ask your teacher.
Costume Costs: (based on child size) Ex-large Child & Adult sizes are $75.00 each x-large adult
$80 each Costume payments begin in October.
All costume fees can be divided and paid in full by Dec. 15 th
Costume cost
Payment due
Rhythm Ballet/
Gym costume
2nd location gym
$69.00 child size
October 15th
Approx. $28.00
Feb. 15th
Tights &Props
are additional
$69.00 child size
Dec 15th
Notified of
balance if any
in Feb. Due by
Mar. 1st
October 15th
Tights &Props are
Notified of
balance if any
in Feb. Due by
Mar. 1st
$138.00 child
($69.00 due Oct
15th,$69.00 due
Nov 15th )
October 15th
Tights &Props are
Notified of
balance if any
in Feb. Due by
Mar. 1st
½ due Oct 15
½ Nov 15th
Tights &Props are
$113.50 child
$122.50 Adult
Ballet Tap Jazz 1
hr Combo and
2 ¾ costumes
$182.50 child
$197.50 Adult
Payments start
Oct 15th Balance
due by Dec 15th
Tights &Props are
Ballet Tap Jazz
Combo 1 ½ hour
2 ½ costumes
$172.50 child
$187.50 Adult
Payments start
Oct 15th Balance
due by Dec 15th
Tights &Props are
Ballet Tap Jazz
Combo1 ½ hour
and Gym
2 ¾ costumes
$182.50 child
$197.50 Adult
Payments start
Oct 15th Balance
due by Dec 15th
Tights &Props are
Notified of
balance if any
in Feb. Due by
Mar. 1st
Notified of
balance if any
in Feb. Due by
Mar. 1st
Notified of
balance if any
in Feb. Due by
Mar. 1st
Notified of
balance if any
in Feb. Due by
Mar. 1st
Ballet Tap Combo
1 costume
Ballet Tap Combo
and Gymnastics
2 costumes
Ballet Tap Jazz
Combo 1 hour
1 ¾ costumes
Adult sizes- Jr. & Sr. intensive classes (Pointe, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, and Gym) will pay $75 per class - per
Prices for costumes may increase if necessary
Dress Code: Students follow a dress code that reflects professionalism and discipline allowing
teachers to see body lines and make appropriate corrections. All attire will be approved by the instructor.
Dancewear and dance footwear are not meant to be worn as street wear. Students must wear a cover-up
or street clothes over dancewear when arriving to or departing from the school. Any child not properly
dressed may not be permitted to dance or tumble. All items are available at Dance Dimensions during
registration. Dance Dimensions will not supply forgotten clothes and shoes. This policy will be
strictly enforced!
Students may have additional leotards of required colors, but must wear studio leotards for
performances. We also have fun leotard days where your child may wear any leotard they wish.
GIRLS: Students must wear designated class color leotard. For individual class uniform requirements
see below.
BOYS: LDD Shirt, sport pants or jazz pants, white socks and Black shoes in the appropriate style.
For All Classes
1. Hair must be pulled up and secured away from face - All short hair must be secured back off the
face. Ponytail holders will be available for $.25. If hair isn’t tied back, it can be dangerous to the
student. Please place an extra ponytail holder in your dancer’s bag in case their hair isn’t pulled
back. Please do not expect the instructors to do this job.
2. No t-shirts in class.
3. No jewelry. LDD is not responsible for lost items brought to the studio. Leave at home.
4. No undergarments. Nude camisole leotards, trunks or sports bras are recommended if needed.
5. Dance students must wears socks or tights (If a child is not wearing tights, white short socks MUST
be worn)
6. Please label everything with student’s name .shoes and bags ECT.
RHYTHM 3-5 years (Ballet -Tap -Tumbling) Studio selected pink leotard, class skirt, pink tights or
white short socks, pink leather ballet shoes, black tap shoes & elastic tap ties.
COMBO 1-2 (Ballet -Tap) Studio selected burgundy leotard, class skirt, pink or tan tights, or white
short socks, pink leather ballet shoes, black tap shoes & elastic tap ties.
COMBO 3-4 (Ballet -Tap –Jazz) 1 hour class – Studio selected Purple leotard and class skirt, pink or
tan tights, or white short socks, pink leather ballet shoes, suggested black split sole tap shoes & black
Jazz slip on shoes.
COMBO 4-6 (Ballet -Tap –Jazz Hip Hop / lyrical) 11/2 hour class- Studio selected Purple leotard and
class Skirt, pink tights, or white short socks, pink leather ballet shoes, black split sole tap shoes & black
slip on Jazz shoes.
Jr & Sr Classes - Designated shoes for class, Black leotard and appropriate gauchos, skort, or pants.
Pink tights & black leo, black short skirt for Ballet classes. No T- shirts. Black tight fitting shirt or sweater
may be worn in cold weather. See teacher for special skirts, leotards or shoes. Teacher may change
attire at anytime.
Recreation Gymnastics – Class leotard if attending same day as dance class. Bare foot Cheer shorts
may be worn (no strings, pockets, or zippers)
JO Gymnastics (Appropriate leotard) No swim suits or leotards with sequins, buttons, strings, or pockets.
Bare foot or gymnastic shoes. Cheer shorts may be worn - (no strings, pockets, or zippers)
Additional Activities: DANCE AND GYMNASTIC TEAMS: To become a member, one must be
serious and ready to work hard. They are by invitation only. Details will be sent home about auditions.
The students will need your support and help to accomplish this task. So, please stand behind them and
support your Dance & Gymnastic Teams. Currently our studio has a performance dance Team, Praise
team, and USA Gymnastics Competition teams.
Performing Groups & Competition Gymnastics
Acceptance and participation in these groups will encourage growth as a dancer, charisma as a
performer, and confidence as an individual.
Remember that being in a performing group is a privilege.
Dancers/ Gymnasts must be committed and willing to participate in recitals, competitions, street
fairs, and other venues.
Good attendance is MANDATORY. If attendance is poor, you may be asked to leave the group.
There are required Dance / Gymnastic classes that must be taken along with your performance
practices. Good attendance is also MANDATORY.
If you have (3) three unexcused absences in a quarter, you may be asked to leave the group. We
understand you could be absent due to illness or school activity, but you should notify instructor.
If there is any other reason that you may need to be absent, this should be discussed with the
instructor and or directors.
If you miss more than (2) two performances, you may be asked to leave the group. It is not fair for
your instructor or your fellow dancers to have to change the number, especially for a competition.
There will be (3) three to (4) four competitions or performances that performing groups must
attend throughout the year.
Additional fees for booster dues, competitions and outfitting will apply.
To the Performing / Competition parents
If your child is selected for a performing / competition group, the parent has also been chosen to
take a part in this group. At LDD & NDG we consider ourselves a "big family".
Parents must understand that this commitment is not only for the dancer/gymnast, but also for
their parents. Without the support and encouragement from you it will be difficult for your child to
achieve their goals.
We will have meetings were the instructor informs you of any upcoming events. This is also your
chance to ask any questions you may have.
There will be a dance/ gymnastic mom selected in every performing / competition group. She will
also be another point of contact for you.
Parents must be prepared to pay more for a performing costume, than a regular class costume.
The performing costumes used for recital will also be used for competitions.
If you are in a performing group, you must remember that it is a privilege.
Lisa’s Dance Dimensions & Next Dimension Gymnastics 2009 -2010 Calendar of Events
** Possible performance opportunities. More detail to follow in your emails.
All dates are subject to change. Please refer to monthly emails for all details & changes
10 – 14
1 - 17
Registration & 1st Tuition Payment Due
Classes Begin
Tuition Payment Due (2
Add $15 late fee if paying after today
Autauga County Fair Mac Gray park
Tuition Payment Due (3)
Add $15 late fee if paying after today
1st Costume Payment due by today
Sign up for solo / duet auditions
Holiday Mart -- Montgomery Convention Center
Tuition Payment Due (4)
Parent view week (entire class viewing)
Add $15 late fee if paying after today
Veterans Day (studio & Gym Closed) ( Class times to be
refer to November calendar
2nd Costume Payment due & Measurement Sheet to be
turned in.
Closed Labor Day Studio & Gym Closed
Thanksgiving Holiday Studio Closed
Tuition Payment Due (5)
Millbrook Park Performance & Parade
Add $15 late fee if paying after today
Zoo Performance & Christmas Parties (More info to follow)
21- Jan 3
3rd Costume Payment due ( Costumes should now be paid in
Christmas Holiday Studio / Gym Closed
Tuition payment Due (6)
Classes Resume
Add $15 late fee if paying tuition after today
Recital Fee Due ($89 1st child $30 each additional)
LEE/KING Holiday ( Class times to be determined) refer to
January calendar
Tuition Payment Due (6)
Add $15 late fee if paying after today
Costume balances due
Tuition Payment Due (7)
Add $15 late fee if paying after today
Parent view week (entire class viewing)
** TBD
Spring Break Studio Closed
Zoo Performance
Tuition Payment Due (8)
Add $15 late fee if paying after today
Good Friday (Studio Closed)
26 – May 7
Wacky Week (schedule TBA)
Tuition Payment Due (8)
Add $15 late fee if paying after today
Dress Rehearsal
Tentative Recital 4:00 PM
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