Humanities Homework Task

Humanities Religious Studies
Life after death
Project Aims:
Allow students to conduct some research and then
reflect on their own and others opinions.
You will start this project on 11.11.13 and will hand it in to your teacher
on 26.11.13 These dates will vary depending on your teacher and when
you have your lessons.
Your challenge:
1) Interview 5 people and get them to explain what they think happens when you die. Do not allow them to give
a one line answer; you must get them to explain in a few sentences. Write up what they say, then say what
you think about what each one says
2) Imagine (if you don’t already believe) there is a heaven and a hell. List the top five good things to get you into
heaven and the top 5 bad things that would get you into hell
3) Sometimes when people get close to death they think of things they would like to have done or mistakes they
would like to put right. What do you think are the most popular things that people would like to do if they
were given a second chance? See if you can come up with a list of ten ideas
4) Write a paragraph to explain what you think happens when you die
To develop literacy your they have to use
the following words when completing task
1) Purgatory
2) Eternal
3) Justice
4) Void
5) Considerate
You are also improving speaking and
listening skills when doing your
Get a head start!
Why not start your research now?
Family and friends to establish their
Sequencing what happens
when you die
Students can make a bar
chart to display their answers
to Task 1