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Ag Science
Diseases of the Horse Worksheet
Identify which disease is being identified below.
1. Carried by mosquitos this diseases affects the nervous system causing lack of coordination, depression,
2. A condition in which horses don’t sweat normally __________________________
3. A nutritional disorder where horses have difficulty breathing, dry cough, nasal discharge
4. A viral disease causing the horse to drool and blisters form in the mouth___________________________
5. A bacterial diseases in foals where they refuse to nurse and have swollen, stiff joints _________________
6. A condition that occurs periodically with swollen, watery eyes, clouded cornea
7. Caused by bacteria this condition presents with high fever, rapid breathing, swelling of body, bleeding
from orifices __________________________
8. A bacterial disease with puss-like discharge from nose and lymph nodes under the jaw
9. Caused by a virus this diseases causes swelling of the legs, depression, fever, weakness, and abortion in
pregnant mares __________________________
10. A condition that presents with stiffness, sweating, swollen muscles, paralysis
11. A rapidly spreading disease with high temperatures, watery nasal discharge, and lack of appetite
12. This condition causes nervous behavior with stiffness, muscle spasms, and paralysis
13. A condition caused by a fungus that causes lameness, high temperature, pulse, respiration rate, lack of
milk production in pregnant mares, and sloughing of the end of the tail __________________________
Ag Science
Article Summary Assignment
Read the article: “Vaccination Basics For Horses” by Marie Rosenthal from the June issue of The Horse. After
reading write a 7-9 sentence paragraph summarizing the article using the following format:
In the 1st sentence include the Title of the article, the author, and the topic of the article.
In the 2nd sentence include your opinion or what you already knew about the topic.
In the 3rd-6th sentences include the main ideas from the article as facts or quotes. (If it is a long article or you have
more to say on the topic you can include an few more sentences)
In the 7th or last sentences evaluate what you read or indicate how this information can be applied.