Expository Peice

Have you ever thought you and a character act or have the same traits as one another?
Or maybe someone said that you act like a person from a movie? Well I think that the boy from
Black Beauty and I are the same.
One way we are similar is that we both have horses that we trained. He taught his horse
how to plow an entire field in 30 days and I taught my horse English. English is a style of riding
where you jump and do dressage and the eyes are mostly on you and your horse as a team.
Another example is that we both have quarter horses and they are geldings or male horses.
Geldings are way calmer then a mare or a female horse. We also have the similarity of loving
our horses. We both love them very much and think of them as best friends not just pets.
Some people don’t get that they are just gentle giants and wouldn’t ever hurt anyone and we
understand that. Lastly, both of our horses had to go through emotional traumas in their past.
His horse was sold three times and had almost died in a barn fire but fortunally was brought
back to him when beauty saw him at his forth auction. My horse was beaten by a previous girl
that used to ride him but fortunally was bought by his owner now and I ride him.
Think! Do you act like someone or look like someone from a movie? Or does someone
think that? Well, I have this experience with the boy from Black Beauty and as you can see we
have very similar qualities. We have horses, we are very calm, loving, and very caring for our
animals and our family.