Facility Rules - Pivotal Movements

702 N. Lake
Miles City, Mt 59301
Arena & Facility Safety Rules
Please be aware these rules are for the SAFETY of everyone involved !
No Smoking 
All – Please:
• Walk Calmly; Move Easily & Deliberately; Talk in Normal Tones (No Running,
Rapid Movement, Throwing Things, or Loud Noises)
• Respect the Space of Others (People & Horses – Don’t Crowd)
• Share Common Areas with Courtesy
• Use Safety Slip Knot for Tying Horses
• Do Not Leave Horses Unattended (Outside of their Stalls or Pasture)
• No Glass Items Anywhere Within the Horse Facility
• Pick Up After Yourself (Do Not Leave Twine, Wire, Equipment, Cans, etc. Around for
Horses or People to Hurt Themselves On)
• Do not climb or sit on fences, gates, or saddle racks
• No dogs in the horse areas
• Enter Horse Occupied Stalls Only With Instructor Approval and/or Supervision
• All Students (Children & Adults) Must Wear Approved Safety Helmets While
• When Doing Ground Work, Have Approval and/or Supervision of an Instructor
• Follow the Directions of the Instructor to the Best of Your Ability
Boarders: We are currently not boardin horses unless they are on site for
• Enter Only Your Own Horse’s Stall
• All Riders Under Age 18 Must Wear Approved Safety Helmets While Mounted
• Check Posted Class Schedules for Arena Usage
(Arena Privileges Available When No Class Usage)
• Stay Back (at least 10 feet) and Quiet While Students are Riding or Working
• Ask Permission & Have Supervision from Instructor Before Approaching the
Horses (Especially with Letting a Younger Child Pet or Feed the Horse)