Is chocolate good for you

What do you think?
Put your answers in your
• To distinguish between evidence and opinion.
• To discuss the reliability of evidence.
• To examine the source of evidence.
Looking at opinions
• Survey the opinions of 3 people around
you about whether they think chocolate is
good for you.
Remember that they need to give a
Write these on the blue cards.
Finding the evidence
• Find 3 pieces of evidence for chocolate
being good for you.
Write these on the green cards.
• Find 3 pieces of evidence against
chocolate being good for you.
Write these on the red cards.
How good is your evidence?
• In order to make a valid decision to the
question, you need to decide how reliable
your evidence is.
• Look at the source of the information
Have you heard of the author/ organisation before?
Is it recent?
Do they give data that backs up their conclusions?
Could they be bias in any way?
Writing your report
• Use the structure guide to help you get
your report in the best order.
• You may write in the boxes on the sheet,
or write on a piece of lined paper.