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5.NF.6: Multiply Fractions Word Problems
Solve real world problems involving
multiplication of fractions and mixed
numbers, e.g., by using visual fraction
models or equations to represent the
Marlene has a vegetable garden in which ¼ of the
plants are tomato plants, ⅓ of the tomato plants
are cherry tomatoes.
What fraction of all the plants in Marlene’s garden
are cherry tomato plants?
Big Boy
Ben ate ⅕ of his sandwich and gave the rest to Owen.
Owen ate ½ of what Ben gave him. How much of the
sandwich did Owen eat?
A shopping bag holds 1 ¾ pounds of food. Jared can
carry 3 full shopping bags into his house on one trip.
How much food can Jared carry in one trip?
Jeremy had ⅚ of a liter of gatorade.
He drank ½ of it.
How much did Jeremy drink?
Jim sprinted ⅔ of the way around the track. His little
brother Matt could only sprint ¼ of that distance.
How far did Matt sprint around the track?
Sarah lives ⅘ of a mile from the lake.
She walked ¾ of the way and stopped .
How many miles did Sarah walk before she stopped?
1 mile
Marty makes $12 a week doing chores. How much
does he make in 3 ¼ weeks?
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Week 3
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