graphing layers of atmosphere

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Layers of the Atmosphere
1. Plot the above data. Using a straight edge, neatly connect the points from the lowest to the highest
elevation to complete the line graph.
2. Label the layers:
3. Label the Boundaries:
1) Troposphere
2) Stratosphere
3) Mesosphere
4) Thermosphere
1) Tropopause
2) Stratopause
3) Mesopause
4. Neatly color each layer a different color. Be sure to complete the key.
1. The troposphere extends approximately __________miles up.
2. Satellites orbit in the ________________________.
3. Weather occurs in the ___________________________.
4. Propeller aircraft and commercial jets fly in the ______________________.
5. Do higher altitudes have high or low pressure?
6. Meteors generally burn up in the _________________________.
7. Auroras (Northern Lights) occur in the __________________________.
8. The troposphere is the only layer in which humans can live without using special
equipment for existence. Why?
9. The ozone layer is found in the ___________________________.
10. Describe the temperature change in each layer as the altitude increases (answer with
increases or decreases).
A. Troposphere__________________ B. Stratosphere___________________
C. Mesosphere___________________ D. Thermosphere__________________
11. Name and describe 2 devices that are used to measure air pressure.
12. What are isobars?