Discussion Worksheet Week 3

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Discussion Worksheet Week 3
1. What is the difference between climate and weather?
2. What is a front? Draw and label the 4 different types of fronts.
3. Draw a graph of temperature vs. altitude (ie. Temperature profile). Find and label
the troposphere, thermosphere, mesosphere, tropopause, mesopause, stratosphere,
and stratopause. What happens to temperature in the troposphere? What happens
to temperature in the stratosphere? Mesosphere? Thermosphere?
4. Match the term with the definition:
a. Lapse rate
i. When temperature increases with height
b. Specific heat
ii. The heat required to melt or evaporate a substance
c. Advection
iii. Rate that temperature decreases with height
d. Temperature inversion
iv. Horizontal movement of air
f. Latent heat
v. The amount of heat required to increase the
temperature of 1 gram of the substance 1°C
5. What is a greenhouse gas? Name some greenhouse gases and their sources.
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6. Name some sources and sinks of methane and aerosols.
7. Describe the difference between stratospheric and tropospheric ozone (ie. Where is
the good ozone? Where is the bad ozone?).
8. Name and describe the 4 processes of energy transfer (provide examples).
9. How are temperature and density related? (Think about the balloon demonstration
from class) Can you explain using the Ideal Gas Law?