Nursery Newsletter January 2016

Nursery Newsletter
January 2016
The staff at Rosebank Nursery would like to welcome back all
children and parents, and hope everyone enjoyed the break.
Thank you too for our Christmas presents - the chocolate and
biscuits - they did not last long !
We are delighted to welcome Mrs Alison Barson to our nursery
team. Mrs Barson has worked in Rosebank in the past so many
will already know her.
If there are any changes in circumstances, change of address,
health issues please inform a member of staff. Could we remind
everyone to name the children’s belongings as you can imagine all
black gym shoes look the same and many are the same size ! As
we are involved in lots of outside learning could children come
dressed appropriately and please can you provide a change of
clothes in case they need changed. Could we also remind parents
that the car park is for members of staff only, we are
concerned for the children’s safety.
As we have our own Nursery entrance, with many adults and
children using the narrow corridor, could we ask that buggies
are not brought into the building as it causes congestion.
Although we have just started our new term the children have
shown interest in transport, vehicles and feelings. These
interests will be developed through various curriculum areas
including literacy, numeracy, health and wellbeing, technology,
expressive arts. Instead of recycling your cardboard boxes
could we ask you to bring in all sizes of cardboard boxes as the
children would like to design and make various vehicles.
All information to be sent home will be placed in the child’s
pigeon hole. There will also be a copy of notices, letters and our
learning plans on the notice board. Please feel free to approach
a member of staff with any concerns, no matter is too small. All
ideas regarding your child’s learning would be welcome.
Our stay and play this month is on Tuesday 26th January.
Parents and carers are welcome to come along an hour before
your child’s session ends to join in with the activities or just to
have a look around.
Thank you
Rosebank Nursery Team
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