Chapter 13 – Diagnostic & Other Imaging Services

Chapter 13 – Diagnostic & Other Imaging Services
Possible Survey Review Items
This list represents some of the items that an AAAHC surveyor may review during an on-site
Chapter 13 – Diagnostic & Other Imaging Services
 Policy and procedures:
o Use, removal, handling, and storage of potentially hazardous materials
o Precautions against electrical, mechanical, magnetic, ultrasonic, radiation and
other potential hazards
o Shielding
o Address the storage and retention of diagnostic images
o Process to identify the correct site and service
o Imaging services provided
o Supervision of services
o Interpretation
o Staffing level/assignments
o Equipment calibration and maintenance records
o Safety
o Requirements for the use of dosimetry and if used, exposure records
 Equipment reports/certifications; calibration/maintenance logs
 Credential/privileging records and personnel records
 Imaging/radiology services agreements
 Time from orders to actual taking
 Time for reading
 Time to get results into the record
 No-show follow up
 Pregnancy test before exposure
 Signage of potential exposure
 Physician or dentist overseeing diagnostic imaging services
 Comply with state laws for imaging
Updated 1.1.2015