The following are questions that will be answered by University of

Department Name: _______________________________________________
Submitted by: ___________________________________
Date: ___________________
The following are questions that must be answered by University of Scranton departments that
wish to undertake an Imaging and/or Workflow project.
The answers to these questions will be used to provide background information to the Workflow
and Imaging Steering Committee regarding need for the project. They are necessary for
consideration of the project by the Committee.
Please answer the questions as completely as possible. Provide as much detail as you feel
necessary for the Committee members to consider your project in a timely manner. Lack of
detail will delay consideration of your project.
1. What is the business process we are trying to improve?
2. Who will be affected by the process improvement?
3. How does changing this business process link to your department’s objectives?
4. Will solving this problem or seizing this opportunity save the University money or
increase revenues?
5. Will there be additional, non-monetary, benefits? If so, what are they?
6. Are there specific business process cycles (or scheduled events) that should be
considered for the project?