CILIP Information Services Group
London & South East Section
Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on Wednesday September 9th 2015 at CILIP
1. Present: David Baynes (Chairman), Anne Hayward, Holly Nicholas, Eveleen Rooney, Kelli
Powling, Alan Power (Minutes)
Apologies: John Proctor (Secretary), Emily Powell (Treasurer), Aggie O’Hara, Kevin
Barnicoat, Zsuzsanna Nemeth, Vicky Robertson,
David formally welcomed Kelli Powling to the meeting, followed by introductions from
members present.
2. Minutes of the Meeting held on 8 July. Approved and signed.
3. Matters arising: None
4. Correspondance: None received
5. Financial Report:
A written report from Emily was read out by David. Currently there is £90.20 in the Unity
Trust account and £574.31 in the CCLA deposit account. £300 will be transferred to the
current account. Emily asked savings could be made if the number of committee meetings
could be reduced. After some discussion it was agreed that some work could be carried out
by email, and dates of future meetings could be reviewed on an individual basis.
Eveleen raised the matter of using Eventbrite to publicise and book places for our visits.
Using Eventbrite incurs a charge, but it will save a good deal of time and effort on our part, so
we may have to start charging say £5 per visit to cover costs. As visits for the rest of this year
have already been publicised through conventional routes, it was decided not to start using
Eventbrite until next year.
6. Representation on the National Committee
Alan went to the last meeting and should be able to go to the next scheduled for 11
November, when the CILIP Professional Knowledge and Skills Base will be discussed. Kelli
promised to forward a pdf copy of the document to Alan.
7. Strikes/Protests on Meeting Days
As this problem has only occurred once, it was decided to make no changes to arrangements
8. Visits Programme
Four visits have been arranged for the autumn:
Tuesday 27 October, 2.15-4.15pm: Museum of London Docklands Archives
Collection (2 bookings received so far; David will go as the ISG L&SE rep)
Wednesday 4 November, 2.00-3.30pm: Women’s Library @LSE. (Eveleen will be
Wednesday 16 November, 4.40-6.30pm: Dr Williams’s Library. (4 bookings to date;
Eveleen will be going)
Tuesday 8 December, 2.15-4.00pm: Wellcome Library. (Kelli will check to see if she
can come as ISG L&SE rep).
There is still a long list of potential visit venues, but additional suggestions are always
welcomed. Holly will try and book a date for the Zoological Society of London Library in
March, while Eveleen will try the Kew Library, Art & Archives for Spring, and, in the meantime,
will look further into Eventbrite, which is used by a colleague at work.
9. Programme
Anne handed around a further amended draft course programme, although details from
certain speakers are still outstanding.
Materials for the Macmillan Cancer display could be obtained from the University College
Hospital. Vicky will be asked if she can collect these.
The presentations from Westminster and Kent sound very similar, but we understand that
they will focus on different aspects, so should be complementary.
Breakout sessions may need to be shortened to focus on specific topics such as tips for joint
working, or to enable participants to talk (briefly) about their own initiatives. We may need to
ask participants in advance to be prepared to talk on their own work. David will be leading the
day, and is prepared to pick up any specific themes and encourage participation.
The title of the course was agreed to be “Our Good Health: Libraries working in partnership to
support health and wellbeing”
It was decided to charge £95 (+VAT) for non-members of CILIP, and £85 (+VAT) for
members. Speakers and committee members on the day are likely to number 27.
Anne is planning to get the publicity out next week, although now that we have a title, outline
publicity can be put on the CILIP website as soon as possible. Emily will be asked to deal
with bookings and invoices: David will confirm this with her. Anne will create a booking form
in Word.
Survey Monkey can be used for evaluation by delegates. Anne will compile the questions,
and Holly will create a template on Survey Monkey
David will arrange for attendance certificates to be printed. Anne has a copy of the new ISG
logo which she will forward to David for inclusion on the certificate.
Printed copies of the presentations are likely to cost in the region of £1,000. Anne will check
with the speakers to make sure they are willing and able to have their presentations printed in
advance. Anne and David will compare prices from their local print firms. Eveleen suggested
that money could be saved by getting speakers to email their presentations to attendees after
the event. Eveleen has folders which can be brought on the day. Anne will contact
committee members to see who can help on the day.
Anne will check on technical matters such as amplification and the availability of technicians.
David formally thanked Anne for all her efforts in bringing the course to fruition.
10. Meetings of interest to members
Holly is Publicity Officer for the Library and Information History Group, who will be leading a
Lost Libraries walk in London on 18 September. Holly will send full details to Anne, who will
forward these to everyone on our mailing list.
Kelli is attending the Forward Strategy Group meeting at CILIP this evening and will report
back at the next meeting.
11. AOB
Kelli asked if the Group has a generic email address, which it was agreed would be useful.
Approaches to CILIP have so far been unsuccessful, but Kelli will try the CILIP Web Team
again on our behalf. If this fails, we might try for a Gmail account.
David handed out copies of the Order of Service for John Owston’s funeral, which was
attended by around 30 people.
Date of next meeting is currently scheduled for 11 November, but, given the need to keep
committee expenses down, we will cancel this and aim to meet in the first half of January.
Dates for 2016 are to be arranged.
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