L3 PowerPoint - Generation Diary

PowerPoint 3
Lesson Plan 3: Letters to self
Learning objectives
To consider different factors that impact on
an individual’s experience
To assess how different factors and choices
might impact on the lives of young people
To reflect upon the outcomes of different
behaviours and choices
Letter to Self
What did Anne write about?
Read the extracts and pass them around
Make a list of the different things Anne Frank
wrote about in her Diary
What matters to young people today?
Brainstorm all the things that you think about
these can be positive and negative
Are any the same as Anne Frank?
Write a letter to your future self
You could include any of the following…
What you think of the world around you
How society could be improved
Things you are worried about
What you hope to do in the future
What you will need to do to achieve them
Something funny/ sad/ strange that happened to
• You can also include a prediction for the future!
You can now use you letter to begin your diary
entry as part of the Anne Frank Trust’s Generation
Diary campaign!
We are on a mission to create the world’s
biggest digital diary
Anne Frank’s voice has spanned decades. Now its
your turn to have your say!