The Fall of Anne Boleyn gap

Tudor England (2): The fall of Anne Boleyn
Name ____________________ Number________________
There is a lot of ______________________ among ___________________ about __________
____________________________ to cause the fall of Anne Boleyn. We know what the
________________________ were, but we don’t know how much ___________ – if any –
there is in the ________________________. On the one hand, historians like Eric Ives
believe that _____________________________, Henry VIII’s chief minister, _________________
________________________________ and took his revenge by falsely accusing her of
_____________________________________________________________, including her own brother.
Most of the men accused of sleeping with Anne were _______________________________,
enabling Cromwell to get rid of a number ____________________________________________.
Others, like George Bernard, _______________ that __________________________________
__________________________________ of at least some of the charges. One of the
arguments _________________________________________________________ is that she was
____________________ to give Henry the son he wanted (she had had a _________________,
Elizabeth, but her second child, a boy, was _________________), and may have
____________________________________________ in an attempt to become ___________________.
It is true that __________________________________________ of erectile dysfunction (that is,
sexual impotence), but ____________________________________________ argue that it would
have been ______________________ if Anne became ___________________ during one of
those periods.
It was also alleged that _____________________________________________________________
__________________________________, thus making them ____________________________________
as well as adultery and (____________________________________________) incest.
However much ___________________________________ about ___________________________
____________________________________, there is general agreement that __________________
______________________________________. A number of figures of Henry’s court – Mark
Smeaton, Henry Norris, Frances Weston, William Brereton, Thomas Wyatt,
Richard Page and George Boleyn, Anne’s brother – were _____________________. Some
were _______________________________________________________________ and all but Thomas
Wyatt (a poet) and Richard Page were found guilty. The others were ______________
on May 17, 1536.
Two days later, __________________________________________. She did not _____________
_____________________________________ in her dying speech, but ___________________________
____________________________________________________. It is thought that she hoped to
______________________________________________________________________________ from further
__________________________ by ______________________________________________________.