Choice Board – Unit 2: The Diary Anne Frank
Graduation Standard 1: Read closely to analyze and evaluate all forms of the text.
All students are expected to read Act 1 from The Diary of Anne Frank in order to complete the activities.
A. Cite Evidence Details
Use the R.A.C.E. strategy to answer one of the
following questions.
 Do Anne and Peter seem to have
typical attitudes toward their families?
Go back to the text for examples to
support your response.
 If you were going into hiding and could
take only as many items as you could
carry in a single trip, what would they
be? List the contents of your bags and
explain why you chose them.
Remember you cannot carry a suitcase.
 Mr. Frank tells Anne, “There are no
walls, there are no bolts, no locks that
anyone can put on your mind” (pg.
357). What does he mean? Do you
agree? Support your opinion with
examples from your own experience or
E. Analyze details and how they relate;
Choose from one of the following:
 Compare and contrast your character to
another character using a Venn
diagram. (need to list 5 character traits
in each section)
 Create a missing poster for your
character, remember to describe what
your character looks like along with a
picture; also list possible whereabouts.
 Write a poem from your character’s
perspective using the “I Am” format.
B. Figurative Language
Choose from one of the following:
 Figurative Language Chart-- define,
example from play, and write your own
 Figurative Language handout—identify,
draw, and explain.
Mandatory: Idioms—Choose One Activity
 Illustrate the literal and non-literal
meaning of an idiom found in Act I.
 Identify 5 idioms found in Act I and
D. Word Choices and Vocabulary
Choose 8 words that you are unfamiliar with
from Act I and pick one of the following:
 Frayer Model
 Word log
 Write down your 8 words and divide
them in half with a partner, then match
each one with the name of a character or
an event you think Anne might apply to
the word to in her diary. Read your list of
character and events to a partner and
have them guess which of your
vocabulary words goes with each item on
the list.