Ch 5 Tissues Review

Ch 5 Tissues Review
What is a tissue?
What is the biology of tissues called?
What is the most complex tissue in the body?
Which tissues are found as skin covering?
Muscle tissue develops from what tissue layer?
Blood is a member of which basic tissue type?
What is the basic organizational or structural unit of bone is called?
Malignant tumors that arise from connective tissues are generally called?
Chemotherapy uses what type of compounds to destroy malignant cells?
Which tissue lines body cavities and protects body surfaces?
What is the function of glandular epithelium?
Give an example of epithelial tissue modifications?
Glands that are either ducted or not ducted and belong in what classification groups?
What is simple squamous epithelium?
What is simple cuboidal epithelium?
How many layers make up pseudostratified epithelium?
The type of tissue referred to as loose ordinary connective tissue?
Which tissue is the functional classification of salivary glands?
What are red blood cells called?
What are white blood cells called?
What is the most widespread and abundant tissue in the body?
Give an example of mucous membrane?
What are the mature cells of bone called?
What is the most prevalent type of cartilage?
What is another name for skeletal muscle?
Where is Microvilli found?
What are the four principal types of?
Name examples of epithelial membrane:
What is Pleurisy a condition of and describe which membrane it affects:
What is released by injured tissues?
Mature bone grows and is reshaped by the simultaneous activity of which two cells?
What tumors grow slowly and what does encapsulated mean?