colonial project presentations direction sheet and guide

Our objective in this unit will be to investigate how the early American colonial experience would later impact the
development of the United States Constitution.
We have a large amount of material to cover in a short time. We are covering events that took place between 1621 and
1750. The most effective way to cover all of this information will be to work together as a class.
You will be doing the following in this project. You will be placed in small groups, with each group assigned a group of
colonies to research. Your group will be asked to teach the class about the colonies assigned by covering all required
information and making the presentation as interesting as possible.
-An explanation of the reasons the particular colony was established using historical categories (i.e- political, economic,
-The natural resources associated with that colony
-The important people or groups associated with that colony
-A showing on the classroom map of where the colony was located
-The lessons learned from the development of that colony that would later impact the United States Constitution. This
must be broken down to historical categories
GROUPS AS PART OF THIS PACKET. Research for this project can be accomplished primarily through use of the American
Nation textbook. You can find information about your colonies between pages 84 to 116 in the textbook. If you need
more resources, you will be able to use the computers.
All groups will be required to develop the idea for presentation and explain specific responsibilities of each group
members in pre presentation conferences. Some presentations for this project from the past have included- powerpoint
presentation, “game show”, computer enhanced learning, songs, short plays. The presentation should attempt to keep
the audience interested while also answering general research questions and specific research questions for assigned
colonies. Information from these presentations will serve to help prepare students for unit test. Student groups will fill in
graphic organizer on board will information on assigned colonies prior to presentation.
Students will also receive a letter grade for project with a grading rubric in which the following areas will be assessedaccurate and complete information about assigned colonies, ability to work with group and achieve objectives while
staying on task, following directions, creativity of presentation.
Please be aware of the five concepts of the American Constitution that will be important when answering the specific
questions about the colonies that are below( popular sovereignty, federalism, checks and balances, representative
democracy, separation of powers)
1. Massachusetts-Why did only men sign the Mayflower Compact ?
-Which one of the five concepts of the American Constitution are embodied in the Mayflower Compact and explain?
-Why did the people who settled this colony come to America from England and what did this group do to settlers in
Massachusetts that did not follow the groups religious beliefs ?
-What were the Salem Witch Trials and what did this experience later teach the country about the following- cruel and
unusual punishment, the right to a fair trial, the right to practice religious beliefs independently from government
2. Rhode Island-Who were Mary Dyer and Anne Hutchinson and how did the experiences of these women impact the Bill of Rights
written a hundred years after they lived ?
-What concept of the United States Constitution is embodied by the experience of the settlers of Rhode Island and
explain ?
3. Conneticut-How specifically did the Fundamental Orders of Conneticut impact the United States Constitution ?
-What concept(s) of the United States Constitution is embodied in the Fundamental Orders of Conneticut , which were
written over one hundred years before the Constitution?
-Please print out a current event article that helps explain the concept of separation of powers and explain to the class
during presentation.
4.New York-
-Who was Peter Stuyvescent and what was the manner in which he governed New York
-How did the experience with Peter Stuyvescent impact the concept of checks and balances, as embodied in the United
States Constitution ?
-Who was Peter Zenger and specifically how did his experience impact the Bill of Rights written over a hundred years
after he lived ?
-New York became a trading center for the colonies. Through which concept of the United States Constitution can
Americans impact the government regarding passing laws that are favorable to a strong economy ?
5. New Jersey-Why did New Jersey want their own separate legislature from New York ?
-What does the term “local rule” mean ?
-How is the concept of “local rule” embodied in the term federalism ?
-What were the beliefs of the Quakers regarding equality among citizens and religious freedom ?
-How were these did these beliefs influence the United States Constitution written in 1787 ?
7. Delaware-What is the concept that led to the establishment of the Delaware colony (Hint- It is the same concept that led to the
establishment of the New Jersey colony)
8.Maryland- What was Bacons Rebellion and what impact did this rebellion have on the citizens of the Maryland colony ?
-Specifically, what was the Act of Toleration and how did this impact the United Satates Bill of Rights written in 1787 ?
-What was the House of Burgesses and how does the House of Burgesses represent one of the five major concepts of
the American Constitution ?
-What happened at the Roanoke colony and why was this colony unsuccessful ?
10.Carolinas-What natural resources were found in the Carolinas and how did these resources lead to a reliance by the citizens of
the Carolinas on farming ?
-Why did slavery become an important part of the economy of the Carolinas and the rest of the South ?
-What was the Underground Railroad and how did this lead to the establishment of slave codes in the South ?
11. Georgia-What were the economic reasons that Georgia was established (hint-debtor colony and slavery )-
-What was Triangular Slave Trade and how did this practice ultimately helped lead the country to Civil War two hundred
years after the colony was founded ?
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