Common Core Aligned Lesson Plan Template
Subject: ______________________________________________ Grade: ______________
Teacher: __________________________ School: __________________ District:__________________
1. Common Core Learning Standard(s) Addressed: (example: 1.NBT.2 Grade 1, Number and Operations Base Ten, Standard 2)
2. Learning Target/Objective(s): (What will students know & be able to do as a result of this lesson?)
3. SIOP: (List both language and content objectives)
Language Objective:
Content Objective:
4. Relevance/Rationale: (Why are the outcomes of this lesson important in the real world? Why are these outcomes essential for future learning?)
5. Formative Assessment Criteria for Success: (How will you & your students know if they have successfully met the outcomes? What specific criteria will be
met in a successful product/process? What does success on this lesson’s outcomes look like?) Use Robert Marzano rubrics if you like.
6. Activities/Tasks: (What learning experiences will students engage in? How will you use these learning experiences or their student products as formative
assessment opportunities?)
7. Blooms Taxonomy: (Specifically, describe what you will do to incorporate the upper levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy: Synthesis, Evaluation, and Analysis)
8. Resources/Materials: (What texts, digital resources, & materials will be used in this lesson?)
9. Procedure: (Give a summary of the order of events you will undertake to complete this lesson.)
10. Modifications/Accommodations: (What curriculum modifications and/or classroom accommodations will you make for Students with Disabilities in your
class? Be as specific as possible.)
Please Copy and Paste any teacher notes, worksheets, or student handouts you would use in this lesson to the end of this
word document. Therefore you should only be submitting one complete word document and not several.