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Mathematics Lesson Sample

Lesson Sample
Subject: Geometry
Grade: 7
Teacher: J.F. Seary
Building: John Jay
College Main Bldg
Learning Target(s): What will students know and do as a result of this lesson?
❏ Student will be able to recognize shapes and figures
❏ Student will be able evaluate perimeter, area, volume and circumference of various shapes
❏ Student will be able to solve expressions to identify line lengths and angles
2. Relevant/Rational: Why are the outcomes of this lesson important in the real world? Why are these
outcomes essential for future learning? How does it connect to prior knowledge?
The skills developed in practicing geometry will support critical thinking, problem solving and understanding abstract
Activities/Tasks: What learning experiences will students engage in? How will you use these learning
experiences or their student products as formative assessment opportunities?
Check-in: brief conversation with the student regarding state of mind, focus and energy. This is support tailoring
the activities to the student’s needs and understanding what can be accomplished in the session. (5 minutes)
Review previous lesson’s objectives and/or homework assignment (10 minutes)
A. Oral quiz review of concepts
B. Review of homework assignment
Access prior knowledge - provide a series of images of various shapes and figures for identification. Identify
which are easily identifiable and which require probing (10 minutes)
Question Interpretation with worksheets (25-30 minutes)
A. Provide 4-5 questions (no answers) - student will analyze the question and identify/explain what is being
B. Provide 3 series of answers - student will try to describe what type of question is being asked based on the
possible answers
Insert a 5 minute bathroom or snack break here
C. Student will complete assigned questions from the summer packet
D. Student will work on the online quizzes
4. Modifications/Accommodations: What curriculum modifications and/or classroom accommodations will you
make for students with disabilities in your class?
5. Closure: How will you wrap up your lesson?
Review and Reflection (10 minutes)
E. Student will review concepts learned in the lesson in an oral quiz format
F. Student will be given an opportunity to ask questions or review concepts
G. In a journal the student will record strengths and weaknesses identified from the lesson. Student will
record practice activities to prep prior to the next session
6. Formative Assessment Criteria for Success: How will you and your students know if they have successfully
met the outcomes? What specific criteria will be met in a successful product/process? What does success on
this lesson’s outcomes look like?
❖ Worksheets will be evaluated
❖ Areas in need of improvement will be reviewed during upcoming sessions
7. Resources/Materials: What texts, digital resources and materials will be used in this lesson?
Laptop with WiFi access
Video lessons where applicable