Biography Project Choices

Reader’s Workshop Biography
Project Choices
Due Date: __1/23/15__________
Choose a person you would like to read a book about. This person
should be someone who has done something that interests you but
that you do not know a lot about.
Find a biography or autobiography about this person.
Read the book and take notes using the guided note taking sheet
that is provided. This will need to be turned in the day of your
project as part of your grade.
Prepare your presentation. Every student will need to present
his/her project to the class. Choose one of the following options:
○ Powerpoint Presentation Create a Google Presentation and in your
Reading folder. The presentation should include everything on the
biography presentation checklist. It should be colorful and
interesting. On the day of your presentation, it will be displayed
on the ActivBoard and you will share it with the class.
○ Acting the Part You will bring at least two small “costume” props
to actually become the person you read a book about. You will
introduce yourself to the class as if you are the person. You will
then tell about the life of that person in first person. You should
use note cards to stay on track. The presentation should include
everything on the biography presentation checklist.
○ Creating a Picture Book You will create a shortened biography
picture book that would help younger kids gain an understanding
of the life of the person you read about. It should include a
cover, text and pictures. Pictures can be hand drawn or printed
from the computer and glued. The presentation should include
everything on the biography presentation checklist. You should be
prepared to read your book to the class on the day of your
○ Illustrated Timelines Look at the information you have about
your person’s life. Decide which events are the most interesting
and important. Place them on a Timeline, and add illustrations
which show, or which symbolize, the events on the timeline. Your
timeline should have:
■ The person’s name, clearly and neatly written
■ Important or interesting events, and dates, in correct
chronological order (8-10 events)
■ Illustrations which highlight important events or ideas,
accomplishments, milestones, etc. These can be drawn by
hand, computer-generated, or cut from magazines, and they
can be literal or symbolic.
■ Appropriateness of the illustrations, neatness, and general
appearance will count.
Biography Project Checklist
Full name of the person
Picture of the person
Date of birth and death (if applicable)
Place of birth
Person’s family information (Brothers? Sisters? Wealthy? Poor?
Both parents?)
Some information from the person’s childhood (For example:
“always in trouble at school” or “was interested in chemical
reactions from an early age and get a chemistry set for his 7th
Struggles the person faced in life
Reason why the person is famous/ Accomplishments
o This part will take up most of your presentation
Reasons to admire this person (What are some good character
traits? Why?)
Other interesting facts about this person
Title and author of the book you read to get information about
this person