02.12.14 Post iPATH Downtime Instructions

Downtime Instructions Post iPATH Implementation
Patient admitted during downtime:
1. Use new form #11060 (PowerChart Downtime: Admission Allergy History and Medication
Reconciliation Instructions) to document Allergy information and to get downtime instructions.
2. Use new form #6267 (Admission Medication History and Reconciliation) to document Medication
by History. This form is also used by the admitting physician to do the Admission Medication
3. When uptime occurs, the nurse caring for the patient enters Medications by History into
PowerChart. Inpatient or ED nurses may request pharmacy assistance if available
4. The forms can be found in the Downtime Kit or printed from Forms off the intranet.
Patient discharged during downtime:
1. Print patient education from Krames Internet site.
a. Go to Internet and enter the following address: www.kramesondemand.com
 Account Name: cerner
 User Name: cernerclinical
 Password: review
2. Use new form #1130 (PowerChart Downtime: Patient Discharge Instructions) for patient
instructions, discharge notes, and Discharge Medication Reconciliation.
3. Assist provider in finding/using form #1130.
4. Make a copy of the completed form to give to the patient. Place the original in the patient
Following downtime:
1. When PowerChart/FirstNet is available, back chart medications given during down time on the
open MAR when PowerChart becomes available. This does not apply to patients who have been
discharged or ED where all paper charting including medication stays on paper.
2. Enter Medications by History on all patients admitted during downtime, including ED patients
who will be admitted.
3. When the downtime is greater than 2 hours, paper charting stays on the paper forms used during
downtime and placed into the patient chart. This oes not apply to ED where all paper charting
including medication stays on paper.
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