GROUP ASSIGNMENT- Six Historical Thinking Concepts

GROUP ASSIGNMENT- Six Historical Thinking Concepts
'Our Historical Toolbelt'
6 different historical thinking concepts will be used consistently
throughout this course. They are:
1) Establishing historical significance
2) Using primary source evidence
3) Identifying continuity and change
4) Analyzing cause and consequence
5) Taking historical perspectives
6) Understanding ethical dimensions of history
Instructional Method used: Jigsaw Activity
5 groups of students of 4
---Each group responsible for becoming 'experts' on their
thinking concept.
a) 2 of you will summarize your assigned concept into Google
presentations. You will also be required to apply this concept to
an event that occurred in history. (There are specific examples in
your text, but you do not need to use them if you don’t want) Be
creative! Take risks!
b) The other 2 of you will be responsible for creating a poster
that will be on the wall in the room throughout the year. We will
use this as a reference as we explore the history of Canada.
- You will be assessed formatively on this assignment as a group.
You will be assessed summatively as individuals at test time.