CURRICULUM - NEW - Letter from JH to parents March 2015

Mrs Jessica Humphrey, Headteacher
Curledge Street Academy
Paignton, Devon
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March 2015
Dear Parents and Carers,
Curriculum and Assessment
In September last year a new National Curriculum was introduced, bringing in some significant changes in
content to be taught and the way in which children are to be assessed. Therefore this year things will be
different. Your child will not be assessed as a level 2a or 5c etc as levels no longer exist. The curriculum for
English (reading and writing) and for Mathematics is now organised by year groups and children are to be
assessed on age related expectations.
The new curriculum has a raised expectation for each year group. For example many of the skills in maths
that would typically have been taught in Year 4 under the old curriculum are now expected to be taught and
mastered in Year 3 or some even in Year 2. There is no national method of assessing a child’s mastery of the
objectives for each year or their progress within the new curriculum. The responsibility for this has been given
to schools.
At Curledge Street Academy we are busy implementing the new curriculum and a completely different
approach to assessment. This will have an effect on the information we give you at Parents’ Evening. Rather
than giving you a level, your child’s teacher will give you information on how well your child is working, how
much effort they are making and the progress that can be seen in their work so far.
During the summer term, as part of your child’s report, we will send you an indication of how your child is
achieving against age related expectations.
However, if your child is in Year 6 or Year 2 they will continue to be assessed on levels as we knew them for
this year only, 2014/15. These judgements will be made using teacher assessment and SATS tests.
Therefore the levels and targets shared with you by the class teachers will seem much more familiar.
We look forward to seeing you at Parents’ Evening and we will send out more information later in the year.
With best wishes,
Jessica Humphrey
Bay Education Trust
Registration Number: 9299975