2015 Ag.Sci 9th Grade Summer Reading Assignment

Tracy High School
315 East Eleventh Street
Tracy, CA 95376
Freshman Agricultural Scientific Academy
Summer Reading Ag/Science Advanced English and Ag/Science Social Studies, 2015
Dear Tracy High School Agricultural Scientific Academy freshman:
Congratulations on being accepted into the Agricultural Scientific Academy at Tracy High School. The
following is a list of required assignments this summer for your Ag/Science Advanced English 1 and
Geography classes:
1. Read House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros and complete the autobiographical
assignment that is outlined on the attached assignment instructions (back side of this page).
2. Mr. Woodward’s assignement
You may purchase the book new at most bookstores, or search at Amazon.com or another online
outlet for either a new or used copy. If you plan to purchase them online, order early because it may
take a week or two before they arrive.
You may be tested on the summer reading material during the first week of school, and it will make up
a significant portion of your first quarter grade. If you have any questions, email Mr.Henderson at
We are looking forward to meeting all of you this fall. Have a great summer, and happy reading!
Gary Henderson
Tracy High School
Ag/Science Advanced English 1
Michael Woodward
Tracy High School
Ag/Science Geography
Ag Science Ag/Science Advanced English 1
Mr. Henderson
House on Mango Street reading/writing project
How does this assignment work?
You will be reading the book and modeling your own pieces of writing after her style for each topic.
Read up to the pages listed. Write about yourself and events in your life by imitating the author’s style
and theme for each piece. Each entry should be at least 200 words in length but no longer than 500
words in length. Use real details and events from your own life. Use detail, Detail, DETAIL!!!! You
need to put together a final book that resembles a mini-autobiography. You must have a cover, table of
contents, the entries/chapters, and illustrations/pictures.
Episode topics:
- after page 5:
- after page 7:
- after page 11:
- after page 16:
“House on ________ Street” (Name of your street)
A family trait
Your name
Choose one: “Strange” person or favorite toy
- after page 30:
- after page 45:
- after page 55:
- after page 64:
- after page 75:
- after page 78:
- after page 93:
- after page 100:
Choose one: Favorite store, childhood game, car accident, or wild kids
Strange food
Choose one: Family party, dressing up, jump rope rhyme
Choose one: Childhood dreams, superstitions
Compare yourself to an animal or object
Describe a time when you felt left out
Choose one: Favorite fairy tale, argument with a friend, strict parents
Choose one: Hiding place as a child, telling lies