Eastech Digital is proud to introduce its unique new inkjet

Eastech Digital is proud to introduce its unique new inkjet technology- Magicolor and ceramic
color printing. With this latest revolutionary technology, we have radically extended the range
of printable substrates creating unlimited potential for a wide range of industrial applications.
Glass, metal plate, stainless steel plate, acrylic, ceramic, stone, wood, leather, carpet, garment,
wall paper, cardboard…, almost any flat material can be decorated with vivid and lively color
images. Eastech’s latest printing technology offers you up to an incomparable 2880 DPI
resolution; intricate and very fine images are now within easy reach.
Outperforming the traditional printing techniques available in the market, Eastech’s Magicolor
provides an exceptional resolution print while not sacrificing UV performance and adhesion
features. In addition, Magicolor requires no pre-treatment with sprays or sealers on the printed
surface. It therefore significantly improves production yield and throughput.
Eastech’s printing technology is also environmental friendly. Magicolor inks are classified as
non-toxic and recyclable. Almost all coatings used in the print industry render the products nonrecyclable. Not so Magicolor ceramic color which does not require a sealer. In addition, the
Magicolor printing requires no UV lamp and no other special heating system during process;
which uses less energy and eliminates harmful emissions.
With Eastech Magicolor printing, there are no more limitations on your choice of printable
materials. Let us bring a new dimension to your creative talents.