CUSTOM presents TPTCM112III:
112mm receipt printer
TPT112CMIII prints on 112mm paper width with a printing speed of 140mm/sec.
It's compact and with reduced footprint but guarantees an high
Motorized ejector
printing autonomy thanks to the 120mm paper roll diameter.
TPT112CMIII presents exclusive features: equipped with a wide
internal memory, it can save fonts and logos up to 4MB (already
on board the international fonts).
It is possible to print all the most common barcodes and 2D
barcodes such as QRCODE and it's completed by Windows and
Linux printing drivers.
Thanks to CePrinterSet software, it is possible to set up
TPT112CMIII printers in a simple and fast way.
Like for all CUSTOM kiosk printers, it is available the STATUS
MONITOR that allows to control by remote the printer's status
(paper, sensors, eventual jammings) givign also information about
the number of tickets and printings.
Some technical features:
RS232 and USB interfaces
Cutter: more than 1.000.000 cuts
Illuminated paper output (LED)
Optional plastic bezel (optional)
DIN power supply connector
Available cut & drop version
Label model and version with black mark sensor