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Infographic Planner
An infographic is a combination of text, numbers, illustrations, and graphics that sends information in a visually pleasing and
informative way. There are many types of infographics and infographic elements. Designers select the best elements for the
types of information they wish to present. Here are just a few that might be useful in building your infographic.
1) For each, list which kinds of career facts might be visually represented using this element. Required: common tasks,
salary comparisons (starting to experienced) Choice: skills/abilities comparison, job prospects, education, industries that
employ people with this occupation, or any other category from your research charts.
2) When you have brainstormed ideas for column two, pick FOUR of the graphic elements you might use and sketch what it
might look like in the third column.
Graphic Element
Bar chart
Line graph
Pie chart
Quick Facts
Pictoral chart (e.g., using
tiny people to represent a number of
Career Information
Suitable for this Element
Sketch of what this might look like in your
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