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Make An Infographic

Make An Infographic!
Infographics are a great way to visualize and document data and
information to: communicate a message, present research, relate
data with “big picture” meaning, and visualize complex
information. It is a skill to develop in the 21st Century.
Your Task:
Learn about Infographics
Read and Think
Create an Infographic
Learn: Resources on Infographics
13 Design Tips
Examples & Templates
Creating InfoGraphics w/Google
Read & Think: Read with an emphasis on
communicating a message - Sketch out your ideas!
A Call to Action: Mental Health & Smartphone Usage
Create: Open a file or use a Template & create
Use shapes, icons, text boxes, color schemes, text, and other
elements to make your product professional & stunning
Things to Remember:
Site your sources (info, images, icons)
Color Scheme, font and font size is extremely important
Download the finished product as a .pdf (if you have links) or a .png
Sources: “What is an Infographic?” from PCS
Library, “An Infographic Is”from Beth’s Blog,
Icons made by Freepik, Vectors Market &
Smashicons from www.flaticon.com
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