infographic 1

You are in charge of the infographic! Please make sure to complete the following checklist. Our
infographic has:
 A title: your title must include the part of the building you are in charge of, but you can make it
 At least two graphs. You must include
 Your ConEd pie chart explaining your building’s energy consumption
 Your math survey results - median bar graph
 One piece of key information from each infographic box on the organizer (so you must decide
which you feel is most important). You may also include more than one piece of key information.
 Use simple text and sentences. Your sentences may contain NO MORE THAN 10
 Make sure each sentence connects to an image.
 Use a variety of images, shapes and other visuals. Please do not bullet all of your text.
Try to represent it in different ways.
 Use captions, not paragraphs of text
 Highlight important words
 Include: Any important numbers that you read about on your table’s infographic