Matriculation Requirements for Sixth Form

In order to maximise our students’ chances of success after they leaves Wilson’s, we operate a
number of matriculation requirements, which apply when students move from Lower Sixth (Year 12)
to the Upper Sixth (Year 13).
 Points 1&5 are applicable from August 2014. For August 2013, previously published
matriculation requirements apply.
 Points 2 & 4 reflect custom and practice. Point 3 is applicable from August 2013.
1. Matriculation from Year 12 into Year 13
In order to move from Year 12 into Year 13, a student must achieve at least BBC (excluding EPQ) in
three of his four AS subjects. There is not an equivalent points score offer.
Any student who does not achieve this offer will be given the opportunity to re-sit the Lower Sixth,
either repeating the same subjects, or starting new ones. Only in exceptional circumstances will a
blend of AS and A2 options be considered and the decision of the Head in these matters is final.
2. Matriculation into Year 13 after a repeated Year 12
For students who repeat Year 12 as a result of not having met the matriculation requirements in the
previous year, a higher bar is set for transition into the Upper Sixth. In such circumstances, a student
must achieve at least BBB.
3. Threshold for Studying Four A levels (applicable from August 2013)
A student must score a minimum of ABBB at AS in order to study four A levels.
4. Matriculation from AS to A2 (individual subjects)
Students must achieve at least a grade C in a subject at AS, in order to continue with the same
subject at A2.
5. Matriculation (AS and A2 Further Mathematics)
To study Further Mathematics AS in the upper sixth, an average of at least 75 UMS in A-level
mathematics is required.
To study Further Mathematics A2 in the upper sixth, an average of at least 80 UMS (i.e. an A
grade) in A-level mathematics is required.
Approved by Governors: 9 July 2013
Review: Summer 2015
Matriculation Policy: Sixth Form, July 2013
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