Matriculation Advisory Council CHARTER 11/27/12

Matriculation Advisory Council CHARTER
1. Coordinate input into planning and integration of Matriculation Services including admissions,
assessment, orientation, counseling, follow-up, research and coordination:
a. Matriculation Plan – input on any revisions to goals and activities
b. Assessment in English, ESL, Math and Chemistry – validation of cut scores, examination
of newly proposed instruments or multiple measures, testing schedule, etc.
c. Counseling processes updates, Early Decision plan,
d. Online Orientation – review and propose any changes
e. Student Follow-up (probation, progress, etc.) – action plan review
f. Budget – review and implications discussion
g. Program Review – review data elements and sources, last year’s review, plan for
upcoming service area outcomes assessment
h. Student Success Act of 2012 changes to Seymour-Campbell Act of 1986
2. Align activities with college priorities and strategic plan within available resources
3. Lead efforts to evaluate matriculation effectiveness and focus on continuous improvement
4. Complete and contribute to all relevant aspects of student equity and success
5. Engage the college through council representation in these efforts
6. Coordinate with the college, LPC and District on initiatives that require commitment/investment
at both campuses
Key “deliverables”:
1. Matriculation Plan & Process for upcoming enrollment cycles
2. Matriculation allocation recommendations
3. Research on Matriculation outcomes and cut score validity
Reporting to Matriculation:
1. MIS data from IT
2. Assessment, Orientation, Counseling, Follow-up/Probation and research functions
Consults with Matriculation (provide specific topics on which consultation is needed):
1. Technology
2. BSI (alignment of BSI initiatives with matriculation planning goals)
3. Counseling
4. Special Programs
5. Learning Communities
6. English, ESL, Math Departments
Matriculation Recommendations go to:
1. Dean of Counseling, VPSS, President and BOT (as needed)
3. Deans of Math/Science & Language Arts
4. Institutional Research
5. ITS
Membership should include:
1. Dean of Counseling - Chair
2. Matriculation (Follow-up/Probation) Counselor/Coordinator
3. Orientation Counselor/Coordinator
4. Assessment Specialist
5. A&R Director
6. Math Faculty Member
7. English Faculty Member
8. ESL Faculty Member
9. Chemistry Faculty Member
10. Institutional Researcher
Information that MAC needs:
1. Enrollment demand, offerings, capacity data
2. Matriculation budget allocation sources and estimated amounts
3. Test validation studies including cut score determination and disproportionate impacts
4. Matriculation Plan
5. Annual action plans vetted by Counseling Division
Support that MAC needs:
1. Web support, to provide a dynamic, interactive, informative website
2. IT support, to streamline MIS data collection, review and submittal to CCCCO, input and outputs
to various constituencies
3. IR assessment instrument validation data collection and analysis
4. Assessment statistics
5. Matriculation budget allocation
6. Collaboration from Special Programs, A&R, FA, IT, IR, English, ESL, Math and Chemistry faculty
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