Dr Afsie Sabokbar - University of Oxford

Dr Afsie Sabokbar
Director of Graduate Studies
MSc Programme Director
Senior Research Fellow
Welcome to the oldest University in the
English-speaking worldEstablished 1167
“Oxford” Terminology
• Academic Terms
• Subfusc
• Matriculation
• Summative/formative
• Proctors
Academic Terms
The year is divided into three eight week terms
• Michaelmas- October to December
• Hilary- January to March
• Trinity- May to June
• LONG SUMMER Vacations!!
Subfusc comes from the Latin for "of a
dark/dusky colour", and refers to the clothes
worn with full academic dress in Oxford.
• For men: Dark suit, black socks and shoes,
white shirt and collar, white bow tie.
• For women: White blouse, black tie, black skirt
or trousers, black stockings or tights, black
Happy Subfusc!
• Ceremony at which new students are
entered into the register of the
university (Latin for Matricula)
• Cambridge, Durham and Bristol
Matriculation old and new!
• Summative assessment is characterised
as assessment of learning (summarizing
the development of learners)
• Formative assessment characterised as
assessment for learning (determines the
students’ attainment)
Proctors play an important role in the conduct of
University Examinations (distinct from colleges).
Course conduct
Late submission
Special arrangements
Jury service
• Plagiarism- "the wrongful appropriation, close
imitation and publication of another author's
language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions and
the representation of them as one's own original
• www.admin.ox.ac.uk/epsc/plagiarism
• Screening by software “Turnitin”
PRS status and “Transferring”
• What is PRS?- Probationary Research Student
• MSc and DPhil Transfer of status
• Director of Graduate Studies (DGS)
Role of DGS
Transfer status
GSS- Graduate Supervision System
Change of supervisor or programme
Freezing “suspending” status
• College advisor
Other useful contacts
Divisional Contacts
• Humanities- Mr Padraig O'Connor
• Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences- Mrs
Helen Beauchamp
• MSD- Miss Tessa Finlayson
(except for Biochemistry, Experimental
Psychology, Pathology, Pharmacology,
Physiology, Anatomy & Genetics)
• Social Sciences- Dr Andrew Garlick
Balancing work !
• Enjoy this “life-time” opportunity
• Balance your work !!
• Visit historic sites and learn more about
Good luck!