Plate Tectonics

Plate Tectonics
1. Identify and describe the layers of the Earth.
2. Describe how movement of crustal plates can cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions
that can result in mountain building and trench formation. (ES.2.B.8.c)
3. Identify events and the land formations created by earthquakes and volcanoes on the
Earth’s surface that occur at different plate boundaries. (ES.2.B.6.a)
4. Explain how convection currents are the result of uneven heating inside the mantle
resulting in the melting rock materials, convection of magma, eruption/flow if magma,
and movement of crustal plates. (ES.2.B.8.a)
**describe convection
5. Describe how the Earth’s surface and surface materials can change abruptly through the
activity of floods, rock/mudslides or volcanoes. (ES.2.A.6.d)
6. Explain how rock layers are affected by the folding and breaking and uplifting of rock
layers due to plate motion. (ES.2.B.8.b)
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