ZVMS Executive Committee minutes for February 3, 2014
Members present: Drs. Robert Grill (Chair), Dionne Hart (Vice Chair), Fred Nobrega (Assoc Exec Dir),
Noel Peterson, Ashok Patel; Ms. S. Elizabeth Fracica, Janice Cho; Susan Bergeson (staff), John Shonyo
(Executive Director)
1.) Minutes of last Executive Committee meeting on December 2, 2013 were approved.
2.) President's Report
Dr. Grill asked for discussion regarding the ZVMS Annual Meeting. The Committee agreed that it was
well received and appreciated the presentation given by Mr. Mike McNeil on security issues in the
healthcare setting.
Dr. Grill updated the Committee on the MMA Policy Council structure and make up. ZVMS is in the
process of recommending ZVMS members to serve on the Council. So far nine people (four from Mayo
and five from OMC) have committed to serve (ZVMS appoints 11 of the 40 Council members). Mr.
Shonyo will provide the final list of the Council members on the ZVMS website).
3.) Administrative Report
Mr. Shonyo stated that 93 members and guests attended the Annual Meeting (106 had registered). He also
mentioned that he received a number of compliments on the event. He was also asked to post Mr.
McNeil’s Power Point presentation to the ZVMS website if possible.
Mr. Shonyo informed the Committee that he will be updating the ZVMS each week and will also send out
a monthly reminder to the membership to take a look at the site.
4.) ZVMS Committee Reports:
Environmental Medicine Committee (Chair: Ashok Patel, M.D.)
Dr. Patel updated the Committee on the Environmental Medicine Committee’s recent activities as
summarized here:
1. Personal preparedness planning and implementation
a. Tom Paska will continue working with OCPHDRAG on content development,
integration, and web-based dissemination (John Shonyo will also be attending
future OCPHDRAG meetings).
b. . There was also a discussion about utilizing a mobile app in addition to a webbased only solution.
c. An IT sub-group is being convened to assist with the functional requirements for
messaging, interactivity, and mobility to our target user groups within the four
county area surrounding Rochester.
2. Community disaster preparedness training
a. ZVMS-EMC will continue its collaborative and coordinating role in another
event partially templated after CDC’s Zombie pandemic response. This year’s
event is set for Saturday, Sept. 13, 2014 with more details to follow over the next
6 months and will once again be held at the Gamehaven Boy Scout Camp.
3. Other informational updates –
a. Dr. Patel reported that ZVMS-EMC members reviewed some of the key messages
shared by Mr. Jim McNeil regarding Security Concerns in the Healthcare
Environment…emphasizing staff/employee safety in addition to patient safety and
visitor safety. He also led a discussion regarding the emerging challenges of the
internet-based network dynamics and other socioeconomic determinants of health.
Legislative Committee (Chair: R. Scott Wright, MD)
The Legislative Committee has identified five issues that will be coming to the state legislature this
session: Medical Marijuana, Tanning Bed Restrictions, Advanced Practice RN Independent Practice
Licensing, E-cigarettes, and Newborn Screening. Committee members were assigned each one of these
topics and requested to report back their findings at the February meeting. The Committee will also track
the state of MNSure and what, if any, legislation is proposed to address some of its issues.
5.) Mayo Resident/Fellows Report (submitted by Heather Anderson, M.D.)
MFA – Residents and fellows have been staying active with the Climb the Clinic event in January in
which participants raced up and down the stairs of Mayo’s historic buildings for prizes. MFA also
hosted a Super Bowl party at Dooley’s to encourage residents/fellows to get out and enjoy Rochester
despite the cold. MFA continues to provide educational seminars as well including “Investment
Basics” on February 20th.
Resident/Fellow orientation – The effort continues to set up a ZVMS informational booth at the
resident/fellow orientation this summer to encourage more involvement from the new physicians. It
sounds like this should be possible, but we have yet to get final approval because the committee needs
to make sure there is room for another booth. Once confirmed we can discuss what information we
would like to make available for the residents/fellows.
6.) Mayo Medical Student Report (Reported by Elizabeth Fracica)
MMA Quality and Choosing Wisely Committees: two MMS students have joined the MMA
Quality Council: Krishna Pundi and Elizabeth Fracica. Ms. Fracica has also been appointed to the
Choosing Wisely Advisory Committee.
ACA: Two MMS students have been trained at Patient Navigators to assist in enrolling people in
medical plans under the ACA.
Service Selective: This year’s MMS Service Selective location is the Dominican Republic. The
students will travel there in February.
7.) ZVMS Alliance Report
An Alliance Brunch has been announced for February 11, 2014. The title is “Our Changing
Rochester”. The Brunch will start at 9:30 AM and will be held at the Rochester Golf and Country
8.) Next Executive Committee meeting: Monday April 7, 2014 in room 408 Siebens Building
Respectfully submitted,
John S. Shonyo