FC Progress Reports Faculty Collaboratives Academic Year 2015

FC Progress Reports
Academic Year 2015-2016
Phase 1 and Phase 2
Please complete and send to Susan Albertine at albertine@aacu.org by the following dates:
2015 Dates: September 30th; October 31st; December 18th
2016 Dates: March 31st; April 29th; May 27th
August 1, 2016– Phase 1 Final Report DUE; Phase 2 – Annual Report DUE
Please indicate in your email if we may post your report to the public Toolkit.
Date submitted:
September 30, 2015
Submitted by:
Beverly R. Covington
Progress toward goals for current reporting period:
July 2015
Secured the Secretary of Education’s authorization to receive and expend funds for this
project. Set up account for funds. Gardner Campbell accepted appointment as faculty
August 2015
Attended Phase 2 state liaison initial meeting via teleconference. Briefed Dr. Campbell on
results and discussed potential process of selecting additional faculty fellows.
Please describe any current challenges you are facing in meeting your FC Project goals:
Just finding the time to focus on the project and further define the goals. I look forward to selecting the
faculty fellows and convening them for brainstorming and planning.
FC Progress Reports
Suggestions or Questions for AAC&U FC Staff:
None at this time.
Please update your goals for the next reporting period:
Develop a process for selection of Faculty Fellows.
Make travel plans for participating in the kick-off meeting in February.
Set a meeting time and agenda for initial meeting with Faculty Fellows before the end of the year.